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"Lucy's Law" means that anyone wanting to get a new dog in England must

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Working Dogs

The Hovawart require a lot of attention to train and socialise, so are not ideal for first time owners. They should be groomed more than once a week, have over two hours of daily exercise and can live over 10 years.

A diverse set of breeds that can perform a wide variety of tasks. They are bred to assist humans.  Their size is typically extra-large and strong, with a high level of adaptability.  They can be engaged in different activities such as watching (protector of properties), pulling (sleds), and rescue dogs.

Working breeds are sturdy, powerful, and focused. They are highly intelligent and fearless, though their personalities range from very serious to easy-going.  They require plenty of space to move and many opportunities to exercise.

Working Dogs adore being busy with a task. If you want to make a working breed happy, give him a job to do around the house, whether it’s pulling kids in a trailer or standing guard while the family enjoys an afternoon in the garden. They make wonderful companions but because they are large and naturally protective, prospective owners need to know how to properly train and socialize a dog. 

In order to raise a happy, even-tempered working dog, they must be given consistent training and structured, scheduled home life. These dogs were bred to work alongside strong leaders in stressful situations, and they thrive in homes where there is a good sense of order.

They are good family dogs, but the proper early training and leadership is a necessity as they can be very difficult to handle, even unsafe. They are most suitable for big families where they have the needed space and a lot of engagement in different activities.

Owners should understand that working breeds are protective of their territory and their families. Without proper training, this protectiveness can become a problem. It’s important to properly train and socialize a working dog to obey all commands and to know how to properly address and interact with guests in the home.

Their coats differ from one breed to another.  Where some of them are smooth and easy to maintain, others have dense coats that are difficult to maintain and shed heavily.

While these breeds are not recommended for inexperienced dog owners, with consistent training, proper exercise, and good structure in the home, working dogs make excellent family companions.



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