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Who Won? The 2021 Naturo SuperAwards with pics of celebs at the gala event including Stacey Dooley, Lucy Fallon, Matt Johnson and Pen Farthing
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Who won the 2021 SuperDog Awards?

Finally, the wait is over!   We’ve been counting down to Tuesday the 9th of November and the 2021 Naturo SuperDog Awards Ceremony did not disappoint.   The UK’s top four and two-legged celebrities turned out in style for the glamorous event hosted by Stacey Dooley at London’s prestigious One Great George Street. 

2021 SuperDog Award Winners, Finalists and Celebrity presenters on stage at the ceremony

Searching for our nation’s exceptional dogs

Through the upside-down days of the pandemic, and with all the pressures of lockdown, it’s never been clearer that the unconditional love of our dogs and their special brand of affection is what helps us through the toughest of times.  The Naturo SuperDog Awards could not have come at a better time and we are all grateful for the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the remarkable dogs who enrich our lives every single day.

When nominations opened to find the UK's most exceptional dogs, there was an overwhelming response and stories from across the nation poured in.  We discovered the most incredible dogs and some extraordinary humans who work with our furry best friends to make the world a better place. Thank you for all your nominations. The stories you have shared have been deeply moving, often humbling and always truly inspiring.  

And so, with over 100 000 votes cast by the public, the search was narrowed to the top three nominees with the most votes in each of the seven categories. All the 21 finalists were invited to the awards ceremony and a panel of dog-loving celebrity judges which included Michaela Strachan, Matt Johnson and Leon Towers then faced the near-impossible task of selecting the winners. 

Described by attendees as 'a fantastic, magical night" guests, both canine and human, enjoyed VIP treatment at One George Street in London with a scrumptious dinner served before the ceremony.  Hosted by the UK's dog-loving darling, Stacey Dooley, it was an evening spent rubbing shoulders with celebrities and indulging in our all-time favourite entertainment, telling stories about amazing dogs.

Stacey Dooley Dr Scott Miller, Rory The Vet, Lucy Fallon pose on the red carpet at the 2021 SuperDog Awards ceremony

Spotted on the red carpet with Stacey, we found the ever-charming Rory the Vet, gorgeous Andrea Vasiliou of WonderWoman fame and another fabulous vet regularly seen on TV, Dr James Greenwood as well as our own Lucy Fallon with her sweet little Pomeranian named Sushi.  



Henry won the SuperDog Worker Award

Henry the hedgehog dog's mum, Lisa WIlson

Presented by Dr Scott Miller, the SuperDog Worker Award went to Henry the Hedgehog Dog. Unfortunatley the champion Hedgehog mapper was unable to attend the event and his trophy was was proudly accepted by his owner, Louise Wilson. You can read more about this amazing Wildlife SuperHero, Henry the Hedgehog Dog.

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Scooter won the SuperDog Carer Award 

Scooter Surfer Dog Wins 2021 SuperDog Carer Award

When Lucy Fallon announced the winner of the Carer award,  Scooter bounded onto the stage with enthusiasm ,barking along in agreement as Kirstie made her speech. Scooter the surfer dog has helped countless people through some of their darkest days. He is an experienced therapy dog and is now in training to become Kirstie's assistance dog.  He also works for a global mental health charity and runs his own Salt Water Therapy Sessions. Go Scooter! 

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Jordan Shelley won the SuperDog Campaigner Award

Jordan Shelley accepts the 2021 SuperDog Campaigner Award from Anthea Turner

When the gorgeous Anthea Turner presented the award for the best Campaigner, Jordan Shelley beamed with delight. He has worked tirelessly over the last ten years to stop the barbaric practice of cropping dogs ears and all his hard work is paying off.  His #FlopNotCrop and #CutTheCrop campaign have had a huge impact and ear cropping is now illegal in the UK. He continues to campaign for animal rights  Read more about how Jordan Shelley makes Life Better for Dogs.

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Cassie won the SuperDog Companion Award

Cassie with Sue & Mark Havers reciving the 2021 SuperDog Carer Award 

Arabella Chi, model and Love Island star, announced Cassie the beautiful Cavachon as the winner of the SuperDog Companion Award.

Cassie is recognised for the sweetness of her care and her huge heart by the way she cared for her large family going through the toughest of times.  Then one day Cassie refused to leave Sue’s side, she would bolt back to sit in her lap no matter what. When Sue got her diagnosis it became clear that Cassie had been trying to tell her that cancer had struck again. Cassie has been a support for the whole family through Sue Halver’s recovery, giving her extra loving snuggles to everyone, knowing where she's most needed. A perfect companion! 

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Mila Moo won the SuperDog Survivor Award

Mila Moo and Fay with Karen Hauer on the red carpet at the SuperDog Awards

Mila Moo was discarded, like rubbish, with an open fracture to her head inflicted by her owner when the hunting season ended.  she recovered and travelled from Spain to the UK where she was adopted by Fay McCallum.  The two have an unbreakable bond and Mila has been both comfort and inspiration for Fay through some difficult health challenges. The way Mila Moo seizes every opportunity that comes her way and expressed her joy for life is nothing short of amazing.

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Pen Farthing and Nowzad won the SuperDog Team Award 

Matt Johnson holding his pug presents the 2021 SuperDog Team Award to Pen Farthing and Nowzad

With his precious pug in his arms, the wonderfully Welsh, Matt Johnson announced the winner of the SuperDog Team Award and when Team Nowzad came up trumps, there were cheers all round. 

Kaisa and Pen Farthing on the red carpet at the SuperDog Awards ceremony
Kaisa and Pen Farthing on the red carpet at the Naturo SuperDog Awards Ceremony.

Founder, Pen Farthing was emotional when he invited his team to join him on stage to celebrate their remarkable achievements caring for stray dogs in Afghanistan; and of course, giving thanks for the success of #OperationArk which made their Great Escape from Afghanistan possible after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban.  With incredible teamwork and overwhelming support from the public, they all managed to bring the people and animals of Nowzad safely to the UK.

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Lucy won the 2021 Super Dog Award

Johnny Vaughan presents the 2021 SuperDog Award for Lucy to her mum Lisa Garner who is holding Plum Pudding rescue pup
With her new rescue pup, Plum Pudding in her arms, Lisa Garner accepted the 2021 Super Dog Award for Lucy presented by media personality Johnny Vaughan.

Although Lucy the cavalier rescue crossed the rainbow bridge five years ago, her story has made a lasting impact and to this day she remains beloved to the nation. She continues to inspire campaigners to push for legislative change to improve the lives of dogs at risk. Thanks to Lucy's Law, countless dogs are saved from a brutal life that she endured on a puppy farm before she was rescued and adopted by Lisa. Now, anyone getting a puppy is required by law to buy from a registered breeder or legitimate rescue centre and no dogs may be sold by a third party. If you're planning on Getting a Puppy?  You Need to Know Lucy's Law 

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To all the incredible dogs who enrich our lives in ordinary and extraordinary ways, thank you. In our eyes, you are all SuperDogs and we love you! 



A regular contributor to DogLife360 and often see on the telly, animal behaviourist Adem Fehmi and his lovely wife, Sally looked very glam when they posed for the cameras on the red carpet.  Check out some of Adem's quick video tutorials for some fab tips for training your puppy:  Making The Most of Your Puppy's ToyboxHow To Prepare For Your Puppy's First Vet CheckGames For Separation Anxiety and Explaining Novel Stimulus

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