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Dogs That Barely Shed

Have you been longing for a dog of your own, but your allergies keep getting in the way?  Take a look through our list of ten allergy-friendly dogs to find your new best friend.


Researchers found that around 8% of adults in the UK are sensitive to dog allergens (things that cause allergic reactions), while 39% were sensitised to pollen and 36% to house dust mites Interestingly, though, some research shows that having a dog in the house while a child is in its first year of life can actually help protect against allergies like as asthma.


Dog shedding is a concern for many potential owners, but suffering from allergies no longer means you have to put off getting a dog. 


People believe that it’s the fur that triggers an allergic reaction, but in actual fact it’s the microscopic flecks of skin that are carried on their fur called dander.  When you pat or brush your pup, these flakes fly off into the air where you can breathe them in and trigger an allergic reaction. 


Dogs that shed less are are considered to be hypoallergenic because if they moult less frequently, the allergens in their dander are less likely to be released into the environment.  There is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog as all dogs shed some allergens, but certain breeds are known to be better for allergy-sufferers.  


Take a look at this list of hypoallergenic dogs and find out which one suits you best.





a statuesque Poodle of the large French variety


Poodles (Standard, Mini, and Teacup) are the best choice for people with allergies. Poodles shed and release very little dander.



Bichon Frise 


a Bichon Frise hound


The adorable Bichon Frise is best known for a double coat. The advantage of the double coat is that their shedding hairs are caught up in the undercoat.





a maltese poodle


This adorable dog breed is famous for the silky white fur. They do not shed much as other dogs do and only lose hair while brushing.



Kerry Blue Terrier


a majestic kerry blue terrier


This breed of dog has a dense and soft coat. The coat does not lose hairs but requires regular brushing.



Chinese Crested


a chinese crested dog


Chinese crested dog breed is a hairless dog but cleaning the coat is required regularly.





a happy havanese


This adorable breed has a thick, soft coat that does not shed.



Shih Tzu


shih tzu looking dapper


Shih Tzu has a long double coat that requires daily grooming, yet shedding is very little.



Fox Terrier


fox terrier being happy to be alive


They have a dense and hard coat that does not shed much. This adorable breed is also known as the hypoallergenic breed suitable for people who are allergic to dogs.



Yorkshire Terrier


a yorkshire terrier


Their fine hair has a texture that's more similar to humans' than other kinds of fur, so it won't make you sneeze. But groom-averse, beware: Yorkies do require regular brushing and maintenance to stay tangle-free and silky soft.



Afghan Hound


a black faced afghan


These sweet hounds don't shed, but their long coats do require some attentive grooming. Because they were originally bred for the mountains in Afghanistan, they have long, shiny hair that can turn into a tangle without routine maintenance.



Bedlington Terrier


bedlington terrier


Bedlington terriers grow distinctive poofs of fur at the top of their heads, giving the sweet-looking breed a lamb-like look.



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