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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Dog?

If you’re wondering about the costs of care for a dog.  You are clearly considering getting a furball.  It’s a big step, deciding to become a dog parent.  One not to be taken lightly. It’s brilliant that you’re taking it slow and poking about for all the info.  We’re here to help you make an informed decision. 

How much does it cost to take care of a dog?  This family looks like they know

It’s best to look at all the likely places that could end up costing you.  The actual purchase price of your chosen best friend is just the beginning.  You'll most likely want to give them the best, buy all the goodies and spend a little bit more on nutritious food to make their eyes and coat shine. Then there’s projected medical and the all too important training that you’ll need to book almost immediately. 

jack russel lead in it's mouth

No one likes nasty surprises and there're sure to be plenty of those when you bring your new pup home.  So, let’s minimise the ones we have some control over by being prepared. What is the road ahead likely to cost you?

Considering the cost of owning a dog in the UK?

Want to adopt a dog? 

It's brilliant if you decide to adopt a dog.  So many people bought puppies in lockdown only to discover that for one reason or another they weren't equipped to keep them and the shelters have been swamped with puppies and dogs being given up for adoption.  We took a look at what it would look like if you chose Dogs Trust, the longest loved charity in the UK, as the place to adopt your furry best friend.  

adopting and adult dog , this dog is running straight into your arms

Adult Dog Adoption Fees

If you've asked 'how much does it cost to own a dog?'  Dogs Trust has the answer.  Their rates for adopting an adult dog in England, Wales and Scotland are  £185.  However, if you adopt a dog in Northern Ireland you’ll pay a little less, £172.50.  Every dog that Dogs Trust re-homes is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. And you’ll also get a bag of goodies which includes a starter pack of food, a new lead and collar, and 4 weeks of free insurance from their insurance partner. A nice little incentive for adopting from such a reputable organisation.  

Puppy Adoption Fees

When Adopting a Puppy from Dogs Trust  you'll pay £240. This fee includes the £185 rehoming fee plus a £55 Dog School fee. Dogs Trust takes no chances, they ensure that any puppy under six months is only re-homed to adopters who are willing to attend a four-week Puppy School course. Dog School classes help puppies learn key life skills and teach the new dog parent training techniques. This ensures that a strong bond is forged between the puppy and its new parent.

how much does it cost to raise a puppy?  this puppy is so trusting. submissive and smiling

How much does it cost to buy a pedigree dog in the UK?

Chow Chow second most popular pedigree in the UK
Chow Chow

The Gazette Standard reveals the average cost of pedigree puppies in Britain in 2020:

  • English Bulldogs - £2,250
  • Chow Chow - £2,015
  • Pomeranian - £1,910
  • Cavapoo - £1,615
  • Dachshund - £1,450
  • Golden Retriever - £1,430
  • Chihuahua - £1,390
  • Dobermann - £1,310
  • Boston Terrier - £1,300
  • Miniature Schnauzer - £1,288
  • Goldendoodle - £1,270
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - £1,260
  • Saint Bernard - £1,250
  • German Shepherd - £1,249
  • Great Dane - £1,230
  • French Bulldog - £1,200
  • Cockapoo - £1,120
  • West Highland Terrier - £1,069
  • Basset Hound - £1,030
  • Alaskan Malamute - £1,020
  • Rottweiler - £1,020
  • Labradoodle - £1,019
  • Dalmatian - £1,016
  • Weimaraner - £1,010
  • Standard Poodle - £990
  • Siberian Husky - £970
  • Bullmastiff - £875
  • Pugs - £840
  • Yorkshire Terrier - £840
  • Labrador Retriever - £835
  • Beagle - £768
  • Shih Tzu - £700
  • Japanese Akita - £720
  • American Bulldog - £700
  • Whippet - £700
  • Lhasa Apso - £688
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier - £650
  • Cocker Spaniel - £631
  • English Springer Spaniel - £630
  • Border Collie - £610
  • Jack Russell - £600
  • Patterdale - £290

And with that the priciest dogs in Britain have been revealed, some breeds setting their owners back a staggering £2,000.

The Patterdale one the top 20 pedigree list

Out of more than 40 of the UK's most expensive pups, the English Bulldog, Chow Chow and Pomeranian breeds are at the top of the list.

When researching the average cost paid for a pedigree, it was found that establishing a benchmark was impossible.  People have paid anywhere between £290 and £2,250 for their pedigree pup. 

It has been found that when purchasing the 'fashionable' breeds, such as the Dachshund, Cockapoo and English Bulldog people have paid as much as £1,120 and £2,250 for their puppies.

Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle)

It's no wonder that puppy smuggling is rife, remember that you need to know Lucy's Law when purchasing a puppy.  It is the law that you purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder or charity, the puppy's mother needs to be present, and you may not take your dog home until it is old enough to leave its mother, but you can visit it.  It also means that sometimes you'll have to wait for your pup.  If you do have your heart set on a particular breed,  patience and the right breeder will secure you your dog.

finding the right breeder. a mother with a puppy on every teat

How much does it cost to set up your new dog?

Dog Bed - depending on the size of your dog, for a large dog you’ll spend between £25 - £50, a small dog from £10 - £20.

Collar - can range from £5 to £10, high-end luxury collars are in the £40 - £50 range.  

Identity Tag - about £5

Leash - £15 - £45

Harness - about £20

Food Bowl - between £5 and  £20

Water Bowl - £5 - £20

Training Pads, washable  - £20

Training Pads - disposable pack of 5 - £4

Crate - £40 - £70

Food - according to BURNS  a small dog costs 43p a day - £12/month, a medium dog about 80p a day - £24/month, and a large dog costs £1.20 a day - £36/month. 

Treats - a bag of 96 sticks of chicken is £22

Treat Mat - £5

Toys - You can get fun toys from £6 and a Kong costs about £15

How much does it cost for a dog trainer? 

puppy training classes

Classes are usually bought as a series and cost about £6–£15 per session or about £82 for a 7-week long puppy training course.

Prices do vary depending on who you go to.  These days training classes are happening online.

Some non-profit clubs charge a small yearly membership fee while others have been known to charge as little as £2 a session, so you have no excuse for not training your dog. 

Remember, you can teach an old dog new tricks, Watch Lucy Heath do it or let Charlotte Carr from Adaptil point out some great tips for training your dog at home.   Don’t find yourself with a dog displaying behavioural problems that could have been prevented by attending training classes. Adaptil's dog behaviourist Rosie Bescoby, explains the best way to socialise your puppy.  

you can train your dog yourself at home

What are the monthly costs of feeding a dog? 

Anywhere between £20 and £60 a month seems most likely depending on the type of food and size of the dog.

You can buy the best, or you can grab a dog food brand that doesn’t break the bank. Bear it in mind that vet's will tell you that some kibble is like junk food, it isn't healthy enough for them to live on.  Know that you'll want to choose a scientifically proven food to give your dog a balanced diet.  You may even plan on choosing a raw food brand, currently gaining popularity for claiming to be the healthiest solution for a hungry dog. 

Toy Pom family dog

Dry Dog Food 

A small dog will cost you 43p a day, £12/month. A medium dog will cost about 80p a day which is £24/month, and a large dog will cost  £1.20 a day which works out to about £36/month. 

These prices are according to Burns Pet Food, for scientifically designed vitamin-enriched food your dog will love to eat.  You don't have to worry, you'll know your dog's nutrition needs are met.  Dogs can eat the same food everyday, changing brands can cause them an upset tummy. 

what do dogs eat.  looks like they love watermelon

Raw Dog Food 

An average-sized Labrador will eat about 500g a day which will cost £2 per day, about £58 per month.  A Frenchie would eat about 300g a day which is £1.17 a day and about £50 per month. 

If you choose to give your dog raw food, you may find that you'll spend a little more but the raw food industry claim your dog will benefit by being happier and won't suffer from itchy skin and other issues. They say you could save on vet visits too.

How much does it cost to insure your dog?

Bought By Many has a choice of dog insurance plans that offer cover for pre-existing conditions, no excess, options for older dogs or lifetime cover.  They make it easy to compare policy options that have received over 17,000 5-star Feefo reviews in the past 12 months. They have a 15% multi-pet discount and you can make all claims online.

big dog and the kind vet

How Much Does It Cost To Microchip Your Dog?

The average cost of microchipping your dog at the vet in the UK is £14.50 

This does depend on where you go, so you may want to phone around.  This cost covers the registration and the implantation of the microchip. 

young girl loving her dog

How Much Does It Cost To Vaccinate Your Dog?

You can pay in the region of £60 and some follow up shots are around £30. 

The good news is that some pet insurers charge lower premiums if your dog’s shots are up to date.  It’s best to check with your vet as each of them have different charges. 

dog at the vet, getting a routine ear check up

How Much Does It Cost To Take Your Dog To The Vet?

Vet costs vary but it seems that £60 is a good benchmark to go on. 

If your dog needs to see a specialist it will be more expensive.  There's no way of knowing how often your dog will need to see the vet, so be prepared.  

Get your puppy from a reputable breeder, otherwise, the likelihood of them needing medical care is very high.  Criminals are smuggling puppies across the border to profit from their high demand.  Be careful, don’t get scammed by unscrupulous breeders who are breeding dogs from unhealthy parents in cruel conditions.

border collie looking lovingly at owner

Pay the right price for your dog, and bring home a healthy happy dog. 

We wish you the best of luck in your decision. The beginning of a beautiful friendship that could span the better part of 10 to 14 years.

If you've read this far chances are you're the best sort of doggie parent.