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Remember when lockdown first happened?  People across the UK seemed to make a unilateral decision. “Let’s get a puppy!” 

Was it because science tells us that when we stroke an animal the hormone oxytocin is released, relieving pain and stress, and increasing our feelings of happiness?  As good as that sounds, it doesn’t prepare us for being a puppy pawrent.  

 Are Puppies Easy to Handle UK, A puppy has torn the room apart

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Petcare specialists Pets At Home say that according to a recent survey they conducted the majority of us take about 3 months to settle into a new life with our puppy.  

Are puppies easy to handle? A new UK survey has the facts.

They interviewed 2000 UK adults in 2021 who’d bought a puppy in the last 12 months.   

The survey uncovered that more than half the people (58%) expressed concern in the first 3 months about whether they’d made the right decision. 

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Karen Haskin, head of Pets At Home said; “While we know it’s one of the most rewarding experiences people can have, taking care of a puppy doesn’t come without its challenges.

"That’s why Pets At Home have set up a VIP Puppy and Kitten Club. Absolutely free to join, it offers owners support and encouragement every step of the way.  Its aim is to provide new pet parents with the tools they need; expert advice to ensure pets are healthy and happy, highlighting the amazing moments that becoming a new puppy owner can bring, as well as providing offers tailored to the pet's first year, including 10% discount on the first shop.

“Having somewhere to turn to for reassurance and expert practical advice is key, whether that’s for guidance on training, help with choosing the right food, or getting to grips with vaccinations.

when do puppy blues go away - after 3 months

There’s a lot to learn. But there’s a lot to love. 

The survey revealed that 46% found that the first 6 months with a puppy were even harder than when they’d cared for their new baby. A third of the people (35%) reported scratched furniture, 33% were dismayed about the chewed slippers, 32% complained of wee stains on the rug, and 26% were not happy about the state of their gardens.  

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But that being said, an overwhelming majority (87%) claimed it was the best decision they’d ever made.  And 78% reported that the new arrival was now their best friend, over half the people said they actually preferred their puppy over their family.

dad loves holding puppy

“Having somewhere to turn to for reassurance and expert practical advice is key, whether that’s for guidance on training, help with choosing the right food, or getting to grips with vaccinations.

To best be able to cope with a new puppy it’s important to know where the hidden stresses lurk. Check out Pets At Home's Top 10 Anxious Moments list. 

puppy eats a slipper

Pets At Home's Top 10 Anxious Moments 

  • First time leaving their pet for a few hours
  • Meeting other animals
  • First night’s sleep
  • First trip to the vets
  • Knowing how much to feed them
  • First time away for a night
  • Understanding how much exercise they should be getting
  • Trying to work at home whilst caring for them
  • Organising pet sitters
  • First groom

Advice for new puppy parents  

Karen Haskin added: “Training your new puppy is no easy task, and we’d encourage all new pet owners to seek as much help and guidance as they need – it really can make a difference.

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"For example, for puppies who might be struggling with sleeping, it’s important that they exercise their brain as well as their body.

"So, while out on a walk, try letting them stop to sniff new smells – it stimulates their mind which can help them sleep better at night.

“With the right support, the rewards of welcoming your new canine companion into the home are boundless."

Puppies easy to handle? mom and daughter very at home with their puppy

For more support on raising happy healthy puppies join Pets At Home’s Puppy and Kitten Club. It's free and your first shop purchase comes with a 10% discount.

Need something for your puppy?  Vist the Pets At Home Shop and claim your discout.


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