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Dog Walking Boosts Your Health

It's a happy truth that owning a dog is good for overall human health and there is a long list of physical benefits - from lowering blood pressure and managing stress to improving circulation and cardio.  Through this difficult year of being cooped up in lockdown, it’s our furry best friends who have played such a huge role in combatting loneliness and helping us through mentally and emotionally. 


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With many of us still working from home, our dogs provide us with a much-needed routine in amongst the vast time spent inside our houses. At least once (hopefully twice) a day, we must tie up our laces and take our dogs out for a walk.


For those who leave home to work, walking our dogs is a chance to escape to nature and shake off the stresses of the day. For all of us, walking the dog is an opportunity to press pause on the onslaught of news and business. 

We take these walks primarily for our dogs, but really, the benefits are completely mutual. 


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Dog Walking Boosts Good Health


  • Smile and say hello to passers-by – it will lift your mood and might just lift the spirits of those you greet. 


  • Take the time to reflect on your mood when you start a walk, and how you feel afterwards too. A walk first thing in the morning can invigorate you and boost your energy for the day ahead 


  • Take a pedometer! Seeing how many steps you are taking could help with motivation to be more active. You can try an App or a wrist pedometer, but make sure to only walk as far as your dog is capable of. 


  • Vary your route. Walking the same streets and paths around your home won’t always feel inspiring. Mix it up by exploring different routes and areas near where you live. It could help you get more enjoyment from your walks, plus it will help your dog get used to new places and environments too. 


  • Dog walking events are a really great way to socialise - for you and for your dog. With your dog on a lead its super easy to maintain social distance and a healthy outdoor activity to enjoy safely together.



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It's always great to have something to look forward to and luckily, we don't have to wait too long for fun day out. as the Big Dog Walk Series is kicking off at the end of May.


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There are Big Dog Walk events taking place at beautiful country estates located across the UK and they are loads of fun. You can decide on the day whether to take the 2k, 5k or 10k route plus there is a covid-friendly festival village with have-a-go activities and treats for you and your dog.  

It'll be great to connect with fellow dog lovers so check out the dates below ... 

a small dog engjoys the have a go activities at Big Dog Walk





This is not just any dog walk, after the best Sunday stroll your dog has ever been on there is so much more to enjoy ...

Pick Up Treats -  Have-a-go Activities - Shopping -  Expert Advice - Fun Dog Shows - DogStacle Course -  Refreshments - Grooming



Chatelherault Country Park is located off the A72 at Ferniegair, and just a short distance from M74 Junction 7!





Hylands Park is situated in Chelmsford, in the heart of Essex, just a short journey from North London.