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Happy Pups Healthy Weight

Just like us, the key to wellness and healthy development for your pup lies in no small part with maintaining a  healthy weight.

A chubby puppy can be very cute and cuddly, but if they start their life overweight, it can cause health issues as they grow older.  The health of an underweight dog is just as likely to be compromised so ensuring they get the right balance of food needed to power them through the day is essential for your precious pooch to grow and thrive.  

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Is your pup a healthy weight?

Too much extra weight increases the risk of health issues like diabetes, heart disease and reduced liver function. Also, arthritis, joint damage and joint pain can become real problems for overweight dogs, especially as they grow older.

If a dog is underweight it might mean they are underfed or it could indicate that there is an underlying illness.  Being underweight can leave your pup vulnerable to infections, parasites, or nutritional problems. 

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What is a healthy weight for your pup?

It’s important that you know how to tell if your dog is at a healthy weight.  The appropriate weight will depend on your dog’s  breed and your vet is the best person to give you professional advice about how much your pup should weigh at different growth stages.

Your dog should be weighed regularly  whenever you take them in for check-ups or to collect their flea and worming treatment, and of course, you can get them weighed in Pets At Home stores and ask for tips from one of our Pets at Home consultants.

Signs that your puppy is overweight

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Your pup is carrying too much extra weight if 

  • You are not able to see or feel their ribs

  • You are not able to see a clear waist behind the ribs when looking at your dog from above.

Signs that your puppy is underweight

An underweight stray puppy stands on the street

Your puppy may be underweight if

  • you can clearly see their ribs, vertebra, and pelvic bones

  • you are unable to feel any fat on their bones. Some dogs have very thick fur coats that can hide the ribs, so it’s important that you get hands-on!

  • you are able to see a very narrow waistline and some muscle loss around the shoulders and thighs.


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