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How To Treat And Prevent Dog Fleas

If your dog has ever had fleas you’ll know what a nightmare it can be.  Fleas can find their way into the cleanest of homes and onto the most well-cared-for of dogs.  It's important to know how to treat and prevent dog fleas.  

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So, whether you’re new to life with a dog or you’re a seasoned dog parent,  we have a couple of tips to share with you to make sure your dog doesn’t get fleas. 

Where do dog fleas come from? 

All it takes is one little flea. Fleas are able to jump so when you’re out walking your dog could brush up against something infested with fleas and one could easily hop on, or a flea could jump onto your beloved pooch from another dog. 

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How do I check my dog for fleas? 

Give your dog’s coat a thorough inspection; the hip area is where an infestation will begin. Dog fleas are dark brown and usually about 1-2mm long which can make them difficult to spot.  Sometimes it's easier to notice flea dirt - the little black specks on your dog’s coat.  And if you’re unsure, take your dog to your local vet, they’ll be able to tell immediately if your dog has fleas.  

How to treat dog fleas?

If you discover your dog does indeed have fleas, it’s time to act fast.  They can spread quickly and it won’t be long before your dog’s itch is out of control and you’ve got a flea problem in your home. 

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How to Treat and prevent dog fleas
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How to protect your dog  


  1. You’ll need to use a flea treatment.  If you’re unsure about which is best, check with your local vet - they’ll know which products work well. 
  2. Comb your dog’s fur with a flea comb and dip the comb into soapy water as you go to kill both the fleas and the eggs.  You’ll need to do this for a few days to make sure your pooch is clear.  
  3. Usually, as little as 5% of the fleas will be on your dog, and the rest will be in your home so if you want to be flea-free you must take immediate steps to rid your home of the other 95%. 


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Types of dog flea treatment 

From the three types of treatments likely to be available at your local vet shop,   Spot On Flea Treatments are the most popular.  There are also the options of Collars and tablets to treat fleas.

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How to prevent fleas coming back? 

Prevention is the best cure so a monthly treatment really is the best option to keep your pooch flea-free and guard against any nasty flea infestations in your home. 

Our friends at Pets at Home have made this easier than ever by creating a hassle-free subscription service to deliver your dog’s flea, tick & worm treatments straight through your letterbox every month.  

The Flea Subscription means 

  • You’ll  never forget to treat your pet
  • You’ll receive brands & products you can trust
  • Treatments are inexpensive, starting at just £4
  • Delivery is FREE
  • You’re not locked into any long-term commitments
  • It’s easy as pie to set up the subscription service


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Pets get everywhere. Make Sure fleas dont with 3 easy steps. 1. Tell us about your per 2. Choose your tailored treatment 3. Delivered straight through your letterbox from Pets At Home
Pets get everywhere. Make Sure fleas dont with 3 easy steps. 1. Tell us about your per 2. Choose your tailored treatment 3. Delivered straight through your letterbox from Pets At Home