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Julie Harris Grooming: 3 Minutes Daily Makes All the Difference!

Owning a dog is a pleasure and looking after them a joy, but not without its worries. Our pets need certain specific care; a vet for your dog’s health and a groomer to look after your dog’s skin and coat. Dog grooming is important for overall dog healthcare, it's vital to know who to ask for dog advice.


Finding the right professionals can be daunting. Recommendations are a great start to find a vet, but dog grooming is different. Grooming is an unregulated industry, which means anyone can start grooming without any training or qualifications, potentially putting your pet in harm's way.


Thankfully many groomers take their profession and your dog’s care extremely seriously and dedicate their time to training and developing their knowledge and skill to become qualified. Much of the training involved to become qualified focuses on safety and animal welfare, as well as the practical side of completing a suitable groom.


How grooming helps

The company of our pets gives so much pleasure. We happily make them part of the family and join in the activities that dogs love with muddy walks, rough and tumble play, cuddles and joint naptime to mention just a few activities. These all take their toll and can make the care of our pet’s coats challenging; from odours to tangles and matts to heavy shedding which can cause problems with your pet’s comfort and your home.


Your qualified groomer can be your problem solver with treatments that cover de-shedding, bathing, grooming and styling of their coat keeping them comfortable, happy and in tip-top condition. It’s a pleasurable experience for your dog and a happy, smart-looking pet is a great compliment to you.



What can you do at home?

Your qualified dog groomer can carry out all necessary treatments on your dog during their regular appointment but your important role as an owner is to maintain your dog’s coat in between professional grooms and how much you do can determine how frequently the trip to your groomer will be. 


Your dog’s hair grows and sheds 365 days a year, with heavier periods up to 3 times a year. Every day, hair will be dying and be ready to be brushed out which prevents tangles and unsightly, uncomfortable clumps. Regular brushing is the best way to keep your dog’s skin and coat in optimum condition. 


Many owners struggle with grooming their dogs for numerous reasons. Time, the reluctance of the dog to be brushed, worry about upsetting their pet, ineffective equipment, or uncertainty where to start. Very soon that little bundle of fur becomes a big challenge. 


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Tips to help your dog enjoy grooming at home


Start a brushing routine soon after acquiring your dog. This is important so they accept it as part of everyday life and your time together. It’s never too late to start, so if you don’t brush at home begin today.


Begin by having a mat for your dog to stand on so they feel comfortable, yoga or car mats are ideal as they are non-slip and cushioned. For small dogs, you can place it on your lap or worktop and bigger dogs on the floor or low table, they will soon become accustomed to what happens when they see the mat.


The next step is to get your dog accustomed to being groomed and recognising the grooming brush as something positive instead of being wary so placing it near their food bowl will reinforce a positive experience.  A greedy dog will even start to see a grooming brush as something amazing and get excited at the sight of it if gentle grooming and a reward follows.  


​​​​​Finding the time with busy family lives, grooming your dog can find itself down the bottom of an exhaustive list of jobs. Placing a brush by your kettle can be the way to brush your dog for 3 minutes while the kettle is boiling for a cuppa. Even a leg a day, followed by body, head, and tail, gets your dog fully groomed in a week, job done. 



Choose the right tools

If you are unsure what grooming equipment to use on your breed of dog, then a quick call to a qualified Spotlight groomer for some professional advice is all it takes; remember they are the trusted problem solvers when it comes to your dog’s skin and coat needs. www.thegroomersspotlight.com 


Working as a team to care for your dog’s skin and coat makes sure that grooming is a pleasurable, positive experience for your dog and an enjoyable part of ownership for you.





Julie Harris Dog Grooming Education was founded to share Julie’s knowledge with groomers and owners alike with the goal of creating harmonious relationships that benefit dogs and the care of their skin and coat. 



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