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What's the deal? Puppies eating raw food

What’s the deal with raw dog food for puppies?

Raw dog food for puppies may be one of the most controversial debates in the dog community with very passionate supporters on both sides, so what’s the deal with raw puppy food? Things only get more heated when dealing with puppies as many believe their still undeveloped digestive systems need to be handled with the utmost care.

With food allergies and sensitivities, as well as digestive issues still developing, raw feeding is worth looking into, this guide will take a close look at raw puppy food, what it consists of, and whether or not it is the right choice for you and your pup.

What Will They Be Eating?

raw dog food for puppies, they love it as you can see

Raw dog food for puppies

A puppy’s raw food diet isn’t the same as a grown dog’s diet which typically follows the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F) diet or the Prey Model Diet. Pups, instead, get more calcium-rich foods to help promote bone strength and growth as well as more phosphorus, again, to help promote skeletal development.

Their meals are also finely minced which differs from a fully-grown dog’s diet to help for digestion while their little teeth are still developing.

Instead of working it out yourself, which can be surprisingly difficult, you can work with trusted brands like Bella & Duke who can pre-prep and deliver meals to your door.  Their meals include ingredients such as berries, broccoli, bone broth, heart, and kidneys making for a wholesome meal designed to improve a dog’s quality of life.

What Are The Health Benefits?

Raw feeding offers multiple provable health benefits that can greatly improve a dog’s standard of living.

Eating raw meat can

Boost immune system

Raw foods develop a stronger more durable immune system, which is key during development.

strong little puppy is running along

Increase energy levels

More stable blood sugar levels and amino acids may lead to an improved energy level.

puppy spaniel is jumping with energy

Improve coat

Not only are coats much healthier and glossier, but the changes are also present only weeks after making the switch

collie with glossy coat

Help with digestion

Your dog will have less wind and make smaller, firmer, odourless stools.  Raw feeding is an excellent option for pups with digestive problems. It’s much easier to break down the whole foods a raw diet provides over the more complex processed meals such as kibble. 

running puppy

Are there risks?

As with regular raw feeding, there are risks when feeding puppies a raw diet. These risks include the danger of feeding your dog an imbalanced diet that can make them incredibly unwell. 

Vets tend to suggest sticking to pre-made meals like kibble as all the nutrients are present and are balanced, because of this and there is a level of nutritional assurance.

There is also the danger, particularly with puppies, to develop allergies to certain foods, although this is a problem with all diets, with raw feeding, it is easier to isolate what is causing the issue and remove it from the diet.

How to swap

Besides starting your puppy out on raw feeding, there are two ways to swap if you have decided you’re going to move to raw feeding.

First try the straight swap, with no weaning, move straight to a raw diet once they are ready. If they do not like this you can then try a phased approach where you give them a combination of raw and processed foods slowly transitioning them onto a wholly raw diet.

For more information on diets for our dogs check out our Health and Wellness section.

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