10 Ideas For Spoiling Your Dog This Summer

10 Ideas For Spoiling Your Dog

Just when our dogs became convinced that we’d ditched our jobs forever to spend more quality time with them, lockdown ended and they’re left wondering whatever happened to their very best friend. 

If you wondering: 'How can I show my dog how much I love them and how can I spoil my dog on National BFF Day?'  Here are some ideas...

10 ideas for spoiling your dog

1. Nominate your dog for a Naturo SuperDog Award

There is no better way to show your dog how much they mean to you than to nominate them for a Naturo Superdog Award. Perhaps your own dog is exceptional, perhaps you know a remarkable dog, or maybe your furry BFF is just the best companion ever and deserves recognition for being so awesome. 

2. Gift your BFF an awesome day out at a Big Dog Walk

Get your BFF tickets for the Big Dog Walk!  The events are happening at gorgeous country estates all around the country and your BFF will love you even more for a super special Sunday Funday socialising and having fun. 

3. Go to the park for a training session

lady happy with her dog

Practice some tricks at home! There are loads of fun games your furry BFF will love! A quick and easy game is to tell your dog to sit and stay so they can see you throw some doggie titbits into the long grass. Then let them hunt and find the snacks. Check out loads more tips, tricks, and video tutorials in DogLife360 Training and Behaviour.

4. Rough House 

Get down to their level and roll and tickle them on their tum-tum, jump and run with your precious pooch.  Playtime is as good for you as it is for your dog!

5. Have a heart to heart 

Dogs love it when we talk to them about ‘biscuits’, ‘treats’, 'rivers’ and ‘balls’ and it’s a known fact that they love it when we speak baby to them and they understand.

6. Go on, give them a great grooming session

What a lovely sensation for your best friend when their coat gets a good brush.  Even if your dog is not much of a shedder, your BFF loves the tender loving care.


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7. Go for a cycle  

If you're the sporty type, if your BFF is old enough, maybe they can join the action. You might both enjoy getting into CaniBike fit or having fun on the run with your dog.

8. Take a drive  

dog tongue out car window

If cycling isn't your thing and running is out of the question, go for a drive and discover something new in your town together.

9. Share a cuddle on Movie Night 

Nuzzle in for a good cuddle with your furry BFF and watch a movie together. 

10. Get Tickets DogFest in September! 

Spoiling a furry best friend has never been easier.  DogFest  Take part in doggie activities, hear what the experts have to say about doggie care, make new friends and enjoy a fun day out in a beautiful location.  Book your tickets here.


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13 reasons why your dog is your best friend

Can you add to our list of why your dog is your best friend? Drop us a pic and a comment on FaceBook, Twitter or Insta

man on couch with two dogs

1. They’re committed to YOU

You’re never lonely with those loving eyes on you and that warm body snuggling in as close as you’ll allow.  

2. They LOVE the sound of your voice 

Unlike your friends, they could listen to you talk all day, and they model real listening with concerned eyes and ears taking note of your tone changes, hanging on your every word... waiting for “Walk” or “Biscuit”! 

3. There’s NEVER any backchat 

Dogs just listen and listen until...   Dog At The Fence!!!

4. Your dog is ALWAYS happy to see you

That pure joy they express at hearing your walk, knowing the exact sounds of you approaching the door, and at seeing your face, there's nothing better for them than YOU being HOME.  

5. They will PROTECT you

Your dog will snarl and fight for you to protect you to the best of its abilities. 

6. They INSPIRE you

Seeing your dog jump and grin on their walk as though they’ve never been outside before!  No matter how much we giggle at how daft they are, it always lifts our spirits to see their glee at the simple pleasures of life.  

young man out in a field with his dog

7. There is no JUDGEMENT

Dogs don’t laugh at you when you get egg on your face, they just lick it off.

8. They can read your EMOTIONS

Dogs comfort us when we’re sad.  Looking at us with those beautiful concerned eyes as we weep.  

9. If we blame our dogs for something they didn’t do

Dogs never whine about it or withhold their love. 

10. They always want to BE with you

Your human friends might have other plans, but your dog wants to be with you - always!  They're only too happy to have a wild night in with a biscuit. 

 11. No one is going to be calling this friend a bad influence on you 

young girl loving her dog

People who’ve had pets as children say that their dog taught them about unconditional love and the meaning of friendship from a very young age.  

12. There is no holding a GRUDGE

You may have been put off by the rain and not taken them for a walk but your dog won’t hold it against you.  

13. When you need a cuddle

Your dog just knows when you're having a rough day and you need extra cuddles. Sometimes all we need is another heartbeat and a warm body beside us to feel we are a healthy, happy human.

Enjoy the day with your furry best friend and showing them just how much you appreciate being able to be 100% yourself in their company.  


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