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10 Tips - What To Tell The Dog Sitter

Are you are getting ready for that well-deserved holiday?  If you've arranged a dog sitter to take care of your fur baby while you are away, make sure they know all the ins and outs about your doggy.  Here's a handy checklist of all your dog sitter needs to know before you hand over the keys and your precious pooch. 

10 Tip Checklist - what your dog sitter needs to know

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1.  Discuss food, feeding schedules, medication and treats.

List the food your dog gets daily, including feeding times and quantity.  It is good to label the food correctly, especially if you have more than one pet eating different food at different times. 

If your dog is on any medication, provide a list of the medication clearly indicating when this should be administered and dosage. Make sure medication is clearly marked.

The pet sitter needs to know what treats are allowed and when.

Ensure that you leave enough food for the duration of your trip and a bit extra in case of an unforeseen delay in your return.


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2. What’s your pooch’s daily routine?

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The dog sitter needs to know when your dog gets fed. Do they get fed once or twice a day and at what times? 

Make sure the sitter knows your pooch’s walk and play schedule - what time of the day do they go for walks, how long do you walk and where. When is playtime, what are their favourite toys and where they're kept? 

They also need to know your dog’s toilet habits. When must they be let out and where do they go?

3. How to manage good and bad behaviour?

Be clear on what is allowed and what is not. Is your dog allowed on furniture and are they allowed access to all rooms in the house? Make sure the sitter knows what you consider as bad behaviour and how you deal with this. Also, make sure that they reward good behaviour the way your dog is used to.

4. What to expect during daily walks?

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Make sure the sitter knows where to find the harness and leash. It might be a good idea to go for a walk to your pooch’s favourite dog park with the dog sitter to give them a chance to get used to walking together while you are present. The sitter needs to know your dog’s behaviour during walks, how they respond to other dogs, loud noises and what areas and situations should be avoided.

5. What to do in case of a medical emergency?

Provide a list with contact details for your nearest vet including their telephone number and address. Also, provide the contact details for a friend or family member who you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf in case the sitter cannot get hold of you.


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6. Fears and how to deal with them

Tell the sitter if your dog is afraid of anything, such as loud noises or other animals and what they should do to comfort your dog if this occurs.

7. Where the cleaning materials are kept

Messes can happen at any time. Show the sitter where you keep the cleaning materials. Make sure these are in a place your dog can never get access to.

8.  What they need to know about the house

Do you have an alarm system they will need to disarm when entering the home? Make sure they have the necessary codes and passwords. Are there any doors with deadlocks that can only be opened from the inside they need to be aware of? Provide them with the contact details of a friend or family member they should contact in case of any house related emergency while you are away.

9. Can your pooch be left alone?

If the dog sitter is staying at your house while you are away, they may need to pop out to the shops or run some errands. Can your dog be left alone, should they be closed in a specific area in the house or must certain doors be closed before they leave the house?

10.  Important information

It is good to prepare a folder or list containing important information the dog sitter might need. Things you might want to include in this folder are: 

1. Your mobile phone number, e-mail address and an alternative contact number for while you are away.

2. Your vet’s phone number and address.

3. The phone number and e-mail address of a close friend or family member they need to contact in case of an emergency.

4. A list of your pet's medication.

5. A list of your pet's medication.

6. Your pet's immunisation history.

7. Your pet's microchip information.

8. Pet insurance card.

9. A clear photo of your pet.


With this in place, you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that your furry best friend and their sitter have all they need to be happy and safe. 

Have a happy holiday! 



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