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All About Puggy Smalls, The Superstar Pug!


It’s no secret dogs and Instagram go together like cookies and cream, especially in the UK, a self-confessed nation of dog lovers. But one Insta star who stands out from the rest is the adorable little fur ball, Puggy Smalls.  Recently nominated for a Naturo Superdog Award, honouring the country's most exceptional dogs, Puggy Smalls is a dog that cares and is no stranger to the limelight and provides entertainment and joy for his legion of Puggy fans.  

Notching up over 200,000 followers on Instagram and over 1 million views, we chatted to his clearly besotted owner, Charlie, to find out what life is like living with such a cute little legend.

What made you start up Puggy Smalls' social media account?

Like most dog owners, Puggy’s account was started as our friends and family were sick of our personal Instagram accounts being taken over by pug photos! 

We are totally obsessed with him (and our other doggies) and wanted to document and archive all our wonderful adventures and funny things Puggy gets up to!

Puggy Smalls with the other dogs in the house

Did you ever think it would be so successful?

Absolutely not! But we are so pleased it did! It all started when a video of Puggy in a desk drawer went viral as a tip on “how to destress at work”, he gained tens of thousands of followers overnight and from then on he had multiple videos hit viral status and the fans came flooding in from all over the world.  Since then we have felt it's our obligation to share Puggy and his cuteness with everyone who loves him just as much as we do! 

Who is Puggy Smalls? This is him

What is the funniest request you have had from a fan?

We have had SO many weird and wonderful requests. We loved all the shout outs for the NHS and key workers during the height of the pandemic, but the best request by far was when Puggy helped out with a marriage proposal! A lovely guy got in touch and asked to meet us in London and Puggy crept up behind his lucky lady to surprise her with the engagement ring! Of course - she said yes!


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How has Puggy helped you in your life?

Puggy is an integral part of our lives. He is a working model pooch and we treat him like our baby. His energy is so pure and gentle and his curious, cheeky personality makes us laugh every single day.

Puggy is a joy giver, not only to us, but to hundreds of thousands of people and we treasure every moment with him. He also gives the BEST cuddles ever!

Why do you think people warm so quickly to Puggy Smalls?

Puggy is magic. One of a kind. There’s something about him you can’t quite put your finger on, but he is  the happiest, friendliest little chap who just makes people smile! He’s incredibly well trained and will do anything for a snackie and the camera loves him! He’s such a show-off and loves to perform his tricks and high fives for anyone who will pay attention.

We have always said that Puggy isn’t really a dog, he’s this little creature that thinks he’s human who moved in one day and became our best pal!

Puggy Smalls is successfully looking cute in his towel

How has your life changed now you are the owner of a superstar dog?

We have always been complete dog fanatics and have always doted on our doggies, so our home life hasn’t changed much. However, since Puggy has become increasingly popular, my partner and I now work for him as his agents, photographers, videographers etc… Puggy has given us amazing opportunities and a very colourful life, every day is different and we get to spend every moment with him creating fun content and working with loads of different brands. We work hard and we are incredibly lucky to have such a superstar dog. We really do owe a lot to Puggy and we constantly remind him of how special he is.


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Why do you think Puggy Smalls deserves a Naturo SuperDog Award?

Puggy is an incredible dog. He is an influencer doggy with over a million followers across his network and is super popular because of how kind, gentle and hilarious he is. Puggy has had multiple viral videos with billions of views worldwide and when the pandemic hit last year, we created more and more content to cheer people up and provide some light entertainment and escapism.

We were swamped with messages from around the world, thanking us, and Puggy, for spreading the love and bringing smiles. So we signed up to "CAMEO" which is a site where people can request personalised videos from Puggy himself. Puggy will send messages to people, dress up, give high fives etc... and it became so popular throughout lockdown that at one point Puggy was recording 100 videos a day!

Puggy Smalls looking like a hero who wants to help people


Puggy helped people connect with their loved ones in a truly unique way in unprecedented times. It was lovely to send mothers day messages, Easter and birthday wishes, but most of all we loved when requests came in to thank the Key Workers and NHS staff.   Thanks to Puggy a lot of people smiled in times when there wasn't much to smile about, and we couldn't be more proud of him!

Puggy has had some health issues of his own and has recently had to have extensive tests such as MRI scans and spinal taps. It's lovely to see all the messages of support flooding in for him from people who felt he made a difference to them!


Vote for Puggy Smalls to help him reach the finals of the Naturo SuperDog Awards.



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