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two dogs in a crate with fabric lining

Are You Searching For The Perfect Dog Bed?

I have a dog bed problem. I can’t seem to settle on a great dog bed for my dog, I am always on the lookout for a better option. I was the same with my babies.. always searching for better buggies. I think I ended up with five and quickly became what is now known as a pramaholic! BUT I have now found the answer to my problems: The Dog Co!


Cute dogs in a luxury bed from Dog Co


The Dog Co specialises in luxury handmade dog beds made out of gorgeous materials that can match with any style of interior decor, from chic contemporary to rustic country house.  


Two Dogs lying on luxury cushions


The first DogLife360 faves are the thick, cloud-like dreamy dog cushions and pillows covered in sumptuous dense fleece which make it super cosy, comfy and warm; aiding restful sleep and calmness for your pooch. It’s available in a range of upholstery velvets and jaunty gingham patterns to complement any interior. 


Velvet Scooped front Dog Bed


The bolster beds are a joy to behold and I feel they have finally cured my roving eye! The velvet options are hands down the most luxurious place for your pet to lay his or her head and the vast range of colours available is perfect to ensure the dog bed doesn’t detract from the most upmarket furnishings.  The inside cushions come with 9 different colour options and definitely lives up to it’s ‘Snoozeworthy’ name. The squishy cushions are supportive and comfortable and the bolster sides perfect if, like mine, your best friend likes to lean his head over the side like a regal prince with his head on his very own velvet pillow!


Two Small Dogs in a Crate by Dog Co


Another well thought out offering is the Cosy Den Dog Crate Starter Set.  Ensuring your puppy feels comfortable and safe in his crate is one of the most important parts of being a new canine parent. Dog Co offers a starter set that includes a perfectly-sized cushion for your crate, right up to a full crate set which features a cover to keep your puppy calm with a den-like feel, an internal bumper to soften all the sides the super fluffy and reassuring fleece cushion and a Doggit 2-Door Dog Crate.  They've got you and your puppy covered!



So, if like me, you have invested in multiple dog beds which never seem to fit the bill for you or your dog, give Dog Co a try and wave the days of being taken down dog bed website rabbit holes a thing of the past! It’s a keeper!!



by Pascale Walsh, Devoted Dog Mum



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