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Show your support for the 2021 SuperDog Award Winners
Show your support for the 2021 SuperDog Awards Finalists

Bella's Survivor Story Celebrated At Top Awards

From our nation of dog-lovers, there were thousands of nominations submitted to the 2021 Naturo Superdog Award, and with over 100,000 votes cast, the finalists have been revealed.  There are three finalists for each of the seven categories and every one of them has an inspirational story that will touch your heart!  

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The stories of every dog in the Survival Category are truly humbling.  In spite of the cruelty at the hands of some reprehensible humans causing great suffering to innocent animals, these incredible souls don’t give up. Their resilience is astonishing and each of these extraordinary dogs has overcome brutal treatment and then gone on to reveal gentle creatures filled with love and loyalty to the families who have adopted them.

Bella\s story
Bella's story

Beautiful Bella the Survivor

Bella’s story stopped us all in our tracks. This gorgeous German Shepherd was attached to a boulder, dumped in a river, and left for dead. 

Bella rescued

Radcliffe Animal Centre rehabilitates Bella

Thankfully Bella was rescued!  She was taken to the Radcliffe Animal Centre where they cared for her for 14 months while her case was under investigation with the National RSPCA.  

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Bella's personality emerges

Sophie, who was Bella’s main carer during her time at Radcliffe Animal Centre, remembers how worried they were about whether Bella would make it.  After the appalling suffering she had endured they assumed that her age and underlying health conditions would be against her.  But Bella went on to make a remarkable recovery.  Her strength, determination and tenacity pulled her through and she began to show her beautiful personality. 

Sophie and Bella
Sophie and Bella

With the help of Sophie’s love and attentive care, Bella gained confidence and revealed her cute, quirky and sometimes cheeky, self. 

Bella's forever home

Bella’s case went to court and in March 2021, the cowardly human responsible for trying to kill her was sentenced. This meant that she was ready to be placed in her forever home.  That’s when Maggie and Charlie walked into her life.  They couldn’t be a more perfect fit for her, having always had German Shepherds as pets. They felt that welcoming Bella into their family was meant to be.  

Maggie, Charlie and Bella
Maggie, Charlie and Bella

Being retired,  the couple is able to give Bella plenty of time and attention. They’ve provided a safe, calm and secure home for beautiful Bella who has blossomed into the most loving and gentle of dogs.  

Bella's adoption poster

The team from Radcliffe Animal Centre who nominated Bella for the Award said it best:  “Watching Bella play in the sunshine is such a beautiful contrast to the cold bleak day when she first entered our care. Bella has been courageous throughout and truly is a very special dog who is most worthy of a SuperDog Survivor Award. She definitely deserves her place in the hearts of many across the world.”

Maggie and Bella
Bella with her new mom, Maggie


The winners of the 2021 Naturo SuperDog Awards will be announced at a red-carpet event on the evening of Tuesday, 9th November. Ahead of the judge's final decision, you can leave a message of support on Bella's SuperDog Awards Profile Page

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Maggie has been touched by the outpouring of love from Bella's supporters.  "Thank you all for your loving comments. Bella is so loved and snoozing now in her new bed in our sitting room with us. You can be sure, she is content and secure." 

Bella in bliss

Well done Bella, and Good Luck!

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