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DogFest 2022
DogFest 2022

Celebs And Their Dogs

Dogs have always been man’s best friend but their increase in popularity over the years, with a total of 3.2 million households in the UK acquiring a pet since the start of the pandemic, shows no sign of abating. From cuddly handbag companions to loping giant exercise pals, these four-legged big-hearted souls are no doubt a hugely important part of our lives and our families. 

With social media squares being filled with glamorous travel and nights out being curtailed it has been heartwarming to notice a huge increase in the number of furry faces in top celebrity posts. Doglife360 have been on the hunt for the cutest double acts we could find within the world of celebs and their pooches. 


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First up has to be the King and Queen of their Cotswold country manor... Posh & Becks! Although dogs are not something that spring to mind when thinking of the uber-glam and meticulously styled Victoria Beckham, their pictures suggest otherwise and watching David Beckham trying to teach his gorgeous dog Olive tricks with treats is utterly adorable (especially as he seems to have lost his t-shirt along the way...!) 

david becham teaching his dog a trick

Next up is Saturday primetime royalty, Simon Cowell. Well known for his harshly critical voice to aspiring performers, his devotion to his dogs shows he definitely has a soft side thanks to his unwavering attachment to these little guys. His squares are filled with arty shots of these little cuties and we love him for it.

Simon Cowell and son Eric and 2 little dogs


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Anyone glued to the Marvel collection will be a huge fan of the totally gorgeous Chris Evans aka Captain America. How can a man make himself even more attractive to the opposite sex... By showing unadulterated love for his dogs of course! His squares are overflowing with pics of his besties and quite a few feature his big blue eyes too…

Chris Evans giving us the eye with his cute dog

British comedian, actor, bestselling writer of children's books, presenter... Etc etc etc.. the list goes on and on... David Walliams can add Dog lover to his resume thanks to his countless pics of Bert and Ernie on his feed. The two little Border Terriers are now firm friends after David added Ernie to his pack quite recently in Feb 2019.

David Walliams and two little dogs

Strictly come dancing people are known to be perfect dog lovers including Karen Hauer. She has three rescue dogs Marley, Betty and the newest member of her squad Phoebe and is often seen trying to do yoga or keep fit with one of them very much wanting to join in! 

Karen Hauer and 3 big dogs on the couch

Pete Wicks has recently commented on his preference for dogs over humans and how they have helped him curtail his wild partying ways. He has two rescue dogs Eric and Peggy, who has just one eye. He has been involved with the Dogs Trust Charity and even travelled to Korea to witness first-hand the barbaric conditions dogs are kept in on the meat farms. His love of these creatures is plain to see and makes for some gorgeous pictures!

Pete Wicks smooches his Frenchie


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After hearing about the cruelty of puppy farms from campaigner Marc the Vet, Boris Johnson offered to re-home a dog looking for a new pad. Number 10 now hosts a plucky little rescue dog called Dilyn who gives the resident cat a run for its money and can often be seen jogging alongside the PM as he goes about his keep fit routine following his covid scare last year.  

Boris and his little dog

Fashionista and DJ Gok Wan offers non stop furry squares on his feed due to his obsession with gorgeous french bulldog Dolly who even has her own account @dollydishclothwan and can boast over 17,000 followers of her very own!  

Gok Wan and his Frenchie

Mrs Hinch also has diversified from her cleaning and lifestyle brand to offer pics galore of her Cocker Spaniel Henry Hinch who has clocked up over 254,000 followers on his very own account! He is also a regular in Sophie’s lifestyle stories and pics as a true part of the family. 

Mrs Hinch on the couch with two kid and a spaniel

Stacey Solomon’s popularity has exploded over recent years thanks to her down to earth attitude, non judgemental outlook on life and her adorable family. Peanut and Theo are regularly featured in her socials and even presented her new son, Rex to the world with an adorable pic of Peanut curled up with the newborn baby.  

Stacey's little pickel and two dogs

Katherine Ryan, a Canadian comedian and actress living in London, has a full life with work, love, travel and family. She has recently just recently given birth and interspersed amongst her squares is proof of a very real love of dogs.

Katherine Ryan and 3 dogs on the couch

The infamous dragon Deborah Meaden is a self-confessed animal lover. Her passion for horses and dogs is clear to see and is backed up by her multiple ambassador roles for charities supporting animals, most notably The Medical Detection Dogs Charity.   

portrait of a great dane

Originally known for fashion, partying and a rock star husband, long-time doglover Meg Mathews has swapped her wild ways for a tranquil life by the sea in stunning Cornwall with her beloved dog Ziggy.  Her squares are full to the brim with stunning cornish coastlines and adorable Ziggy running free in the salty air... We want to be there too!

Meg mathews and her ziggy


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With 250 million followers Ariana Grande’s pooches must surely be a couple of the most famous dogs on the planet. Only featuring sporadically, these gorgeous dogs show a down to earth cute side to Ariana and prove even the most famous people on the planet love a four-legged friend.

Ariana Grande

Greg James, the man we wake up to in the morning, with his cheeky sense of humour and quick-witted banter never fails to sing his dog, Barney’s praises. Even going so far as to say Barney had saved him during lockdown offering non-stop cuddles and the chance to get out and about in the fresh air.

Greg James  getting his face licked by his dog

And let’s not forget the delightfulness that is radio DJ Pips Taylor.  She definitely loves her dog!   Her Instagram feed is highlighted with photo’s of her adorable little black spaniel, Rocket, who she refers to as her partner in crime.  

Pips Taylor on the beach with Rocket


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