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Devoted To Dogs - Teams nominated for Top UK Dog Award

The mark of a great team is mutual respect and communication. And when all the individuals are committed to one shared goal that’s when the magic of teamwork happens.  In the team category for Naturo SuperDog Awards, there are some pretty inspiring stories of how humans can make a difference in the lives of dogs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these exceptional teams. All of them are winners in our hearts, their love of dogs fueling their tireless striving to save dogs’ lives. 


Broken Biscuits - disabled animal advocacy 


Broken Biscuits two dogs in doggie wheel chairs

This team's founding mission statement is to save the lives of dogs that are considered beyond help and also to change the perception of what is possible for the adoption and rehabilitation of disabled animals. They are certainly achieving what they set out to do. And the entire team are volunteers working purely for the love of animals. 

A team of vet professionals and physiotherapists ensure the animals receive the best care. In the past decade, they have helped many thousands of injured dogs overcome the trauma of their initial injuries to go on to live happy and active lives.

They support pet parents through their 'borrow-a-bike' system where volunteers visit families to help them with the equipment and with what adjustments that need to be made to the home. They also run Role Model, an education programme to promote the potential of disabled dogs to vet clinics, universities and schools. Ambassa-dogs are paraplegics, IVDD survivors , blind,  deaf and three-legged pets who help illustrate the ways that life really can roll on after an injury. The Dogs lead the way to gaining more acceptance for all types of disabilities be it human or animal. 


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Sirius Animal Rescue 


adorable dogs looking to be re-homed

Nominated by a grateful doggie parent whose dog was hand-reared after being dumped on the street as a tiny puppy.  This selfless team of individuals make it their mission to rescue as many animals off the street as possible.  This team of volunteers are not only passionate about rescuing abandoned dogs and finding homes for them, they will bravely step into the world of puppy farming and rescue the dogs from a life of cruelty.  They sterilize and microchip their dogs and have a foster network to ensure that every rescued dog is cared for by loving hands.  Their social media is full of beautiful animals looking healthy, happy and ready to be re-homed.


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This team has made it their mission to ensure that dogs living on the streets in the UK still have access to veterinary care.  StreetVet is a registered practice with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This team of professional vets and veterinary nurses volunteer to make it possible that homeless people can still get veterinary care for their dogs.  

Some homeless people have chosen a life on the street over being separated from their dogs.  Most rental accommodation has a No-Pets ban (currently under consideration in parliament) that forces people to choose between having a roof over their head or keeping their pet.  StreetVet ensures that these loved dogs get optimal care.  


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For many people, an unexpected vet bill could spell financial disaster.  This leading UK charity provides low cost or free veterinary care to the sick and injured pets of people in need.  They promote responsible pet ownership and have a number of offers to help a sick pet.  From booking your animal in for an emergency at their pet hospital to requesting a vet callback to chat about your animal’s symptoms, the staff make sure every animal gets the help they need.  During the pandemic, they have been doing home visits and are now slowly returning to the more normal way of working.  Loads of skill and expertise goes into running the PDSA Pet Hospitals and every single member of staff is committed to saving animals lives, now that’s teamwork! 


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Dogs Trust 


Dogs Trust  - Change the Tale

This phenomenal charity has been saving dog’s lives for about 130 years.  They have  20 re-homing centres around the UK. They hope that when you take a dog it is for life but they understand that sometimes there are issues.  They provide a call centre called Change the Tale and whatever the circumstances, Dogs Trust will listen and give compassionate advice.  If you’re struggling with training, would like advice, or need to give up your dog - they are ready to help.  They even have a fostering service for dogs of families suffering from domestic abuse - where families can be reunited with their dog once they have escaped the abuse. 


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Mayhew Thera-Paws

Mayhew understands that when our dogs are happy and taken care of it reflects a supportive and loving community. In this last year, they have handled 1060 welfare cases, 538 animals helped to shelter, 54 dogs re-homed, 38 dogs reunited with their families, 847 welfare animals neutered, 1360 animals brought forward for vaccination and 305 Thera-Paw visits (animal-assisted therapy) Thank you, Mayhew, for taking care of our dogs, from finding them new homes to animal welfare cases handled in the community – your team is making a difference.


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Guide Dog 


Guide dog

This amazing charity helps the two million people living with sight loss in the UK, live the life they choose. They provide a range of services with and beyond the dog to help people with sight loss live actively, independently and well. Their expert staff, volunteers and life-changing dogs help people affected by sight loss live actively, independently and well.



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Pets at Home Foundation


a group all pets - not just dogs

Amy and her team make it their business to raise funds for animal charities across Britain.  They are the UK’s largest grant giver, having raised over £35 million for rescue and rehoming organisations. Their funding helps to transform the lives of pets in need, giving pets a second chance at happiness - all pets. They recognize that our lives are better with pets and they’re committed to also helping people - they help the charities whose fantastic work brings dogs to the aid people in need.  Pets at Home are committed to making a difference.  


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Team Greyhound Trust


As ever statuesque - the greyhound dog

Founded in 1975 The Greyhound Trust have 50 volunteer-led branches across the UK. They have helped over 100,000 greyhounds find loving homes.  Every year they home 3,500 retired greyhounds and find homes for many more.  They have 9 centres all across the UK and at any time they may have as many as 800 greyhounds looking to find a home.  They are passionate about this breed and their unified vision as a team is a day when every single greyhound retires from racing.  


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NAWT - National Animal Welfare Trust


 National Animal Rescue Trust

These good folks are celebrating their 50 year anniversary for rehoming animals.  Their teamwork skills are evident in the ingenious way they solved the problem of too much barking.  At their shelter, the dogs in the cages were aggressive, barking at the fence in the face of every stranger.  Not an easy situation for adoption.  The dogs went from aggro to calm with the help of a very clever trick.   Visitors were asked to hand-feed the dogs their food, one pellet at a time.  The dog’s behaviour changed as they experienced the strangers as friends and now they wag their tails for treats and smile at every potential doggie parent. They have five rehoming centres across the south of England in Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Cornwall, Essex and Hertfordshire.


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