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DogFest 2022
DogFest 2022

Planning A Dog-Friendly Car Journey?

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The holidays are coming, and soon it'll be the season when the sleigh bells are ringing and the egg nog is chilling. Yup, it's nearly time for CHRISTMAS and dog lovers across the country are heading down to London to shop up a storm for their furry best friend at the DogFest Christmas market on the 27th of November.

dog friendly car journey

Let's Plan a Dog-Friendly Car Journey

We all love the wintry festive season where we can wrap up warm, and head out on a crunchy, sometimes snow-covered walk with our four-legged furry friends.  But what about if you're planning to venture further afield?  Have you got everything your pooch needs for a road trip?

Here's our guide to everything you need to make sure your pup has all his creature comforts. 

The Dog-Friendly Car of The Year

A red Mini Clubman - winner of dog friendly car of the year - with two dogs in the boot

We're in love with the Mini Clubman! 







Keep Your Furry Best Friend Safe On The Road

Of course, making sure your pooch is safe when you're on the road has to be a top priority. Some cars have their own internal dog cage partitions which are wonderfully practical. But if not, partitions can be purchased separately. We found this brilliantly sturdy option from Pets At Home, Rosewood Dog Car Guard,  which links seamlessly into the boot to keep your pal safe from harm and protected within his own area in the car. 

Next is ensuring those pesky paws don't cause permanent damage to the upholstery after a jaunty stroll through the muddiest of woodland walks.  The RAC icon have developed their own line of stringent safety products for dogs when travelling and this super protective cover for the boot will ensure even the most car proud will be happy with the pristine surface below. 

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For the smaller end of the breed spectrum, options are available to allow your friend to travel in the back seat. This super snug basket with an integrated buckle system is a perfect choice. 

And if you really want to think of everything, how about having your very own dog poo bin which you can attach to the outside of your car to ensure no whiffy smells need to travel with you in the car!

For those of you with a silver haired soul who needs a little more help getting into the car, this natural step dog ramp will allow a dignified entry for both large and small legs with minimum fuss and stress. It looks pretty cool too!

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Kids are not the only ones to suffer from the dreaded travel sickness, and if your beloved dog has trouble keeping his dinner down on long journeys the people at Queezibics are coming to your aid! Containing ginger to settle the tummy they can be given up to 30 minutes before travelling to ensure a stress free journey for all involved. 

Keeping your pal hydrated is essential and this clever non spill, non slip bowl will keep water in the bowl and always available when needed. 

You can never travel far without a snuggly blanket to reassure and comfort your four legged friend and also to provide warmth and familiar smells for when they are travelling in unfamiliar places. This one looks so snuggly, I might even get one for myself too!

Plus, don't forget your essentials of biodegradable poo bags, water bottle and treats to make your journey complete!  All that's required now is to have fun!!

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Pets get everywhere. Make Sure fleas dont with 3 easy steps. 1. Tell us about your per 2. Choose your tailored treatment 3. Delivered straight through your letterbox from Pets At Home
Pets get everywhere. Make Sure fleas dont with 3 easy steps. 1. Tell us about your per 2. Choose your tailored treatment 3. Delivered straight through your letterbox from Pets At Home