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Dog Owners Go Green

Eco-conscious pet owners are focussing on making their dog’s footprint green.  The paw-print stats are quite alarming claiming that our pets eat a 5th of all the fish and meat consumed in the world.  And it’s not just the meat, it’s the mess our dogs leave behind them; they poop a lot.  Then consider the treats, clothes, supplies, bedding and toys that we lavish upon them.  Thankfully, there are ways to make the impact of your dog’s lifestyle more sustainable.  Try these 5 tips to reduce your dog’s paw-print, you’ll be improving their wellbeing and health too. 


5 ways to Go Green with your dog


doggie doo being bagged

1.   Biodegradable Doggie Doo Bags 

There are many more dog owners after lockdown, we currently have about 9 million dogs in the UK.  This means that about 3,000 tonnes of doggie-doo is deposited around our country every day. 


Enter biodegradable doggie poop bags. In 6 months they have fully biodegraded.  The plastic bag by contrast takes about 500 years to break down and then not completely, it leaves micro-plastics that continue to pollute the environment. 


Quick Tip: Be conscious, pick up the doggie-doo, with rains it can leak into our rivers and oceans.


puppy and dog food

2.  Dog Food

When buying pet food, consider the packaging.  Get the bags recycled.  Some businesses are making it easy for you, check out Terracycle.  You can take your pet food packaging to any of their drop off locations dotted around the UK and it will be upcycled into a variety of other products like benches.  Choose a dog food that uses bags that can be recycled


Rather take a step away from beef-based pet food and choose turkey or chicken which have a lower carbon footprint.  Just this short sidestep, from beef to chicken, will have a positive impact on our planet.   


Vegan and vegetarian pet owners have now got a protein high meat-free option for their dogs - some brands have launched the lowest greenhouse gas emissions route: insect protein.  Millions of insects can be farmed in a small space compared to the very large footprint created by traditional farming.  Companies launching this eco-friendly alternative use ground insects to provide all the essential amino acids and proteins required for your dog.   


Quick Tip:   Some folks are making tote bags from their large dog food bags, looking grrrroovy on the high street.  


3.   Green Grooming 

Many grooming products are made of synthetic substances and contain chemicals that are not only bad for your dog’s skin with prolonged use but are bad for our environment too.  These products go into our sewage systems and end up polluting bodies of water and oceans.  

Avoid these bad boys. 
BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole)
SLS (sodium laureth sulphate)
DEA (diethanolamine),
Steer clear of fragrances and synthetic colours. 

Choose organic and biodegradable products, we have loads of great natural products listed in our online shop. 


Quick Tip:  Steer clear of products with too much of a fragrance, our dogs' sensitive noses will experience these smells as overwhelming, giving them no choice but to roll in the first foul thing they come across. 


Denuim doggie bones

4.   Recycled Toys

Does your pup love to chew? There’s enough nonsense in the landfill already, some green conscious folks make their own dog toys from found goods around the house.   A pair of your old jeans can easily be repurposed, the durable fabric is perfect for sewing your dog a bone.  Or, for a super quick fix, cut the jeans into strips, knot and braid the strips and knot again for a calming chew toy.  Why is it calming? Because it smells of you!    If you have toys or bedding that your dog no longer uses, give them a wash and take them to your local animal shelter where they will be much appreciated.  


Quick Tip: Easy homemade chew toy… cut two slits into an old tennis ball creating an opening when you squeeze the ball.  Pop a few treats inside, your dog will love it.


5.   Going Green

Well, going green also means - get out there into our green parks and walk your best friend!  Your dog needs to be sociable and so do you (albeit a distant wave).  Expand your step count,  nourish your wellbeing, and let your dog connect you with nature.  


Big Dog Walk obstacle course

Quick Tip: We're super excited about Big Dog Walk Series  - it's high time for some safe socialising for us and our dogs! 


Enjoy making conscious choices as we move beyond the lockdown and step out further into our world together.  


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