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Finding the right dog sitter, a women strokes and unsure dog

Find The Right Dog Sitter

Are you looking to find the righ dog sitter? Summer holidays are here and after the year we’ve had we all need a break. It would be ideal to take your pooch with you but not all holiday establishments allow dogs.

Finding someone to take care of your fur baby is not easy. Most of us would ask friends or family to take care of them but this is not always possible. A professional dog sitter is the answer. But finding the right dog sitter is vital.

You of course want someone as passionate about dogs as you are. You want someone reliable and honest. Someone that will give your dog the love and attention it needs while you are away. Someone that will not let you or your pooch down. We've created a list for finding the right dog sitter.

Finding the right dog sitter, man plays ball with dog

5 Tips for finding the right dog sitter

1.  Ask people you can trust

As a dog lover, your friends and family are most probably dog lovers too. Ask them for references of a dog sitter they have used before that is trustworthy and reliable.

2. What does your pooch need?

It is important to match your dog’s needs and personality with that of the dog sitter. An energetic dog needs exercise needs a dog sitter that is willing to make the same effort as you would. 

You'll either be wanting stay-in care while or a sitter who comes in once or twice a day for feeding and walks.

walking the dog

3. Online and social media - important tools 

How do you find anything these days? You go online. Using the internet to find a dog sitter is an excellent place to start. Read up as much as possible about the company and dog sitter. Read up on what services they offer, what training they have undergone and study their references. Do not only rely on the testimonies on their website but also look at Facebook and other social media comments. 

4. Meet and greet

No amount of research and personal references can replace a face-to-face meeting. You and your pooch need to meet with the potential dog sitter. You will quickly pick up if the dog sitter is really a dog lover. It is also important that your dog likes the dog sitter. You will soon know if it is a match made in heaven or hell by closely observing the pooch’s behaviour towards the pet sitter.

telling dog sitter what they need to know

Ask lots of questions...

What training did they undergo?

Are they living in your area? You do not want a sitter that is miles away.

Are they in contact with vets in the area?

Do they have a backup plan in case something unforeseen happens and they cannot look after your dog?

Do they have contactable references?

5. Stay in touch

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While you are away it is important to know that the sitter will stay in touch with you. A good sitter will contact you daily with updates on how your fur baby is doing and even send you pictures. 

Don’t leave finding a dog sitter till the last minute. You want to make sure you find the best sitter for your fur baby. One that both you and them are comfortable with and like. Then - go and enjoy that well-deserved break with peace of mind that your favourite pooch is being taken care of well.

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