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Ideas to celebrate Halloween with your dog
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Ideas To Celebrate Halloween With Your Dog This Weekend

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Are you ready for the weekend? We know it's the final count down to the end of summer and we'll soon be switching back the clock, but it's this weekend it's all about autumn and fun times for the whole family. It's time to celebrate hairy, scary Halloween! 

trick or treating with the dog

So according to legend, this is the day when the veil between the Otherworld and this one thins and the spirits of our dear departed can visit us.  And apparently, we like to be in crazy, silly outfits when this happens! It’s dress-up time and anything goes, from crazy characters to magical dragons.



Of course, our furry best friends are part of the family and your pup needs to look the part.  Just be aware that dressing up your dog can be dangerous and it's really important that a dog’s skin must be able to breathe. If doggie Dracula is all wrapped up and unable to get out of their Halloween outfit,  he could overheat.  Also, watch out for choking. It can happen in a flash. It could be that something is itchy and if your dog tries to bite or scratch off their outfit, there could be bits and bob that might be a choking hazard.


Celebrate Halloween with your dog

We've rounded up some fun, safe ideas to celebrate Halloween with your dog.


Like these adorable Doggie Halloween Icon Pyjamas

Halloween dog PJ's


And this frighteningly fancy pumpkin Halloween Jumper 

Doggie PJ's


We just love these gorgeous Dragon Wings icon

halloween dragon wings


And how cute is this snazzy Halloween Pumpkin Loopy Bow Tie?  It is on a slider, as an accessory to the dog collar. The slider includes elastic at the back, so it can easily slide onto your dog's favourite collar.

hallween bow tie


Making homemade treats is a great way to show your pup some love. Our friends at Burns Pet Nutrition have very kindly shared this super quick and easy recipe for yummy Halloween doggie biscuits.

Big-eared black dog sits in a pile of bright orange pumpkins


 Short on time? Or need to stock up on treats to spoil the pups that arrive at your door? Pop a few packs of these Ghostly Treats into your shopping cart.

frightful ghost doggie treat



Mix it up with some Skeleton Cookies.

Rawhide Skeleton Cookies


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halloween bake time

Lavish attention on your beloved pooch this Halloween and be sure to allow them some quiet time because it's easy for them to become overwhelmed in all the excitement.

Here's a handy checklist to help you keep your furry best friend's needs in mind this weekend. 

7 tips to help your pooch have a safe and happy Halloween

1. Keep your dog on a lead so they don't bolt

  • If your doorbell is going to be ringing and your front door keeps opening and closing, consider keeping your dog on a lead.  If all the activity is too much for them they might try to bolt.  Also, if your pooch is super friendly or excited it will help to not intimidate your guests if they're safely on a lead. 

2. Get them used to you in your dress-up outfit

  • Bring them into the bedroom when you get dressed, if they see your transformation they'll be less likely to be distressed by the fact you've just turned into a monster. 

3. Don't leave them alone - book a dog sitter 

  • Do you live in a Halloween friendly neighbourhood?  If you head off for trick or treating and pooch stays home, consider getting someone to stay with him, in case it gets noisy. 

4. Keep a safe distance

  • We know, it's truly unfathomable to us, but not everybody loves dogs.  If your dog joins you out and about, don't go up the garden path, have someone hang back with your dog.   Also, over-excited children and territorial dogs are not always a happy mix. 

5. Chocolates are dangerous for dogs

  • Remind the kids that dogs are different to us.  Chocolate and sweets are harmful to your pooch and it's not a treat to make your dog ill.  Dogs may be tempted by all the pretty wrappers, so when get home, stash the plunder somewhere safely out of doggie reach.  Be safe, remember that sweetener is harmful to dogs.

6. Chocking hazards are everywhere 

  • With so much fun with houses draped in decorations and us leaving a trail of costume bits in our wake, remember to keep an eye out - and throw the choking hazards to keep our beloved doggo safe. 

7.  Help your dog deal with fireworks


Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun and stay safe! 




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