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Meg Mathews with dog Ziggy in background on the bed

Meg Mathews Is Living Her Dream Life In Cornwall With Her Dog Ziggy

We chat with Meg Mathews, ultimate London style queen, about living her dream life in Cornwall with her beloved dog Ziggy.


NEWSFLASH: Meg Matthews is announced as a judge of the presitious Naturo SuperDog Awards


We asked Meg about Ziggi, her gorgeous wire-haired cross and about changes in her life over the last couple of years since moving from her stomping ground in Primrose Hill to the breathtaking coastline of Cornwall.

cornwall porthtowan


Meg Mathews, a name once synonymous with the fashion glitterati, a regular at the latest achingly cool London club, pals, including Kate Moss, on speed dial and a rock star hubby to boot, has undergone something of a transformation and she could not be happier about it.


Our chat started with concern having found out that Ziggy had recently undergone major abdominal surgery.  I asked her about what happened, Meg explained.

“Corn husks can kill dogs! I immediately knew something was wrong when he didn’t get up for his evening walk and decided to take him straight to the vet when I realised he may have swallowed one. They are especially dangerous as they can rip the oesophagus on the way down and then stay in the stomach unable to come back up or pass down through the digestive tract.  He needed emergency surgery so I was up all night with him the night of the operation and I slept with him last night downstairs as he isn’t allowed to go up the stairs with his wound.  I don’t eat carbs but toast has kept me going!”


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Meg’s concern for her dog is palpable and throughout our chat, I could hear her reassuring him and checking he was ok which was a brief insight into her extraordinary connection with not only her own dog but animals in general. 

ziggy and meg mathews
Meg and Ziggy

“I’ve always loved animals and have always felt a special connection with them. I told my Mum at 9 years old that I wouldn’t eat anything with a face!”

Her parents were instrumental in helping Meg discover this special bond thanks to her Mum’s own passion for animals..

“I grew up in South Africa and at the age of 11, my parents took me out of school for a year. We lived in a Land Rover and visited Botswana, Kenya, Namibia… you name it.”

This was an incredible experience for a young girl and shaped Meg’s passion for the animal world. After returning she attended a boarding school in the UK alongside, amongst others,  Guy Ritchie, and lived on tins of soya beans and a limited supply of vegetables. 

Years later she worked for Peta, a charity campaigning to abolish fur in the clothing trade and rescued peacocks, hens and even a blind goose in her spare time. 

meg mathews childhood trip to namibia
Meg and her parents travelling Africa

Nine years ago she continued in her quest to make lives better for animals by teaming up with now OBE, Marc Abraham, himself a devoted animal campaigner, well-established TV vet and Naturo Superdog Award nominee.  She worked alongside him to raise awareness for Lucy’s Law. The story of a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Lucy who was rescued from a puppy farm at the age of 5.  She’d been kept in a cage for her whole life and used for breeding under the harshest and cruellest conditions and suffered horrific injuries from living this way.


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To raise money Marc Abraham and Lucy’s new owner Lisa Garner, also a Naturo Superdog Award nominee, alongside Meg, created PupAid, a fundraising event to raise awareness of Lucy’s plight and to encourage enough signatures to get the discussion started in Parliament. Meg provided many invaluable prizes from her celebrity pals including Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller to raise money at the auction.

Lucy’s Law makes sales of puppies illegal from third-party sellers, they must be seen with their mothers and be sold by a reputable breeder. Meg was delighted to be invited to Number 10 Downing Street to celebrate the passing of Lucy's Law.

What is Lucy's Law - the graphic explains
Lucy's Law

She told me how she had personal experience of such cruel practices. “I had no idea about puppy farms initially. I bought a puppy who we called Oscar. I thought it was a reputable breeder but it turned out they had shown me fake Kennel Club papers. After getting him we had to take him to the vet 35 times, he had a cleft palate and his stomach wasn’t connected to his intestines.”

Thankfully, with Meg’s help, Oscar went on to live 11 wonderful years with her but she never forgot the consequences of buying a puppy who may have come from a puppy farm or another place of ill repute. Seeing Lucy’s Law pass was a personal victory for her too knowing no other puppies like Oscar would suffer. 


Her now dog Ziggy, has a statuesque physique and gorgeous soulful eyes. He has also played a notable role in helping Meg. At 49 years of age and at a time when Meg had a glittering career, friends around her and a family to love, she suddenly fell into a deep depression and was prescribed antidepressants by her GP.

Meg and Ziggy on the beach
Meg and Ziggy in Cornwall

“I didn’t leave the house for 3 months, not even to walk Ziggy. Dog walkers had to come in and take him out, but he was always there for me. He would just sit with me as I fell deeper into despair.” She was suddenly overwhelmed with life, so much so that after being a recovered alcoholic she announced in an AA meeting. “I may as well have a drink if this is what life has dealt me”

Luckily a woman followed her out and gave her some unexpected news.  “She told me she thought I was menopausal. At first, I thought, Cheeky cow! But she gave me her number and we talked.” Since that chat Meg has become an impassioned campaigner to spread the word about Menopause symptoms and has written a book to help spread the message. “The New Hot” - Taking on the Menopause with attitude and style,  is a refreshingly open and honest chat about what happens to us when we hit menopause. Menopause will happens to 50% of the earth’s population and yet, is still surrounded by mystique, shame and taboo. 

Meg and her book The New Hot
Meg's book

More recently Meg has upped sticks and moved to the beautiful shorelines of Cornwall.  Even though it seems a contrast to her previous London life she says it wasn’t a shock for her.


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“I grew up in South Africa and then Guernsey so I have always lived by the sea, so when I was in Cornwall I felt like I was coming home. The Mermaids swimmers are always shocked to see me jumping in for a cold water swim with Ziggy but it’s second nature to me. ”


Meg and co looking down at the cornwall beach
Meg, Ziggy and friends at the beach

Asked if she has any regrets about leaving the bright lights of London behind Meg said, “I have absolutely no regrets. If it wasn’t for the pandemic I wouldn’t have known I could work from home. Suddenly I was doing interviews for This Morning and QVC on my iPad and I realised I don’t need to be in London anymore. Since moving here I have been to London once and I couldn’t wait to get back out!  Ziggy absolutely loves it, running along the beach and breathing the fresh air, it’s a dog’s heaven ”

You can check on what Meg’s up to via her Instagram page where you will be privy to non-stop pictures of stunning scenery, workout tips and of course, her beloved Ziggy always by her side. Even though Meg confesses he still tries to drink the sea from time to time as he keeps forgetting about the salt, he's having a ball.

All in all, it’s a pretty idyllic life and we love to see a woman and her dog enjoying life to the full!!

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