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DogFest 2022
DogFest 2022

Mila Moo - 2021 SuperDog Survivor Award Winner

The winner of the 2021 SuperDog Survivor Award goes to Mila Moo! Fay McCallum is Mila Moo's mum, she tells us about the excitement of the evening and shares her story of life with her beloved survivor Mila Moo.

It was Mila Moo's first-ever train journey when we travelled to London for the Naturo SuperDog Awards Ceremony on Tuesday the 9th of November. She took it all in her stride, sticking her head through the seats behind us to say hi to the two lovely ladies who sat there and then settling herself on her pad on the seat next to me. We were travelling with Tracey Ison, mum to fellow finalist Scout, who was unfortunately not feeling well and unable to make the journey with us. 

crazy beautiful Mila
Funny, loving and very cheeky - Mila Moo!

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We arrived at Euston Station and took a London cab to our hotel. Mila loved the hotel, nosing out of the window to sniff all the exciting new smells and exploring every inch of the room.   As the evening approached, we walked from our hotel in Waterloo and Tracey and I changed into our heels as we approached the gorgeous venue, One George Street. We walked up the steps and were greeted so warmly by everyone on the red carpet. Mila loved the attention of having her photo taken alongside all the celebrities!   There were drinks before the dinner and we mingled whilst Mila Moo said hi to the other guests and their dogs. 

We spoke to so many people! It was truly wonderful to see Pen Farthing with his lovely wife, Kaisa & the Nowzad team! We sat with the Scooter and his Mum, Kirstie & we got on so well. Scooter is absolutely awesome and a most deserving winner of the SuperDog Carer Award!

Scooter and his mum
Mila Moo's new friend Scooter and his mum Kirstie

After dinner, Stacey Dooley came onto the stage to host the awards. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a white suit!  She did a sterling job and as the Survivor Category came round, my heart was pounding. Listening to Plum Pudding’s story & watching the video about Bella the beautiful German Shepherd, I felt the award could go to any of the three finalists, as all were so so deserving!  Then Karen Hauer said “and the winner is... MILA MOO!"

Karen Hauer and Mila Moo
Karen Hauer gave us the award

We got a huge cheer when we went up onto the stage.  Karen gave me a big hug & Stacey congratulated us as I launched into a speech, dedicating Mila's award to Bella, Plum, and all rescue dogs everywhere who have survived untold horrors and gone on to become much-loved pets who bring us all so much joy.

As I was led off the stage for photographs & interviews Leon Towers gave me the biggest hug & congratulated me. He was one of the judges! He took a selfie of us and was thrilled to bits that Mila Moo had won!

Mila Moo 2021 SuperDog Survivor Award Winner
Mila Moo wins!

Winning this award means so much to Mila Moo & me. I am absolutely over the moon, and for Mila to achieve this recognition is very humbling.  

Mila Moo was rescued in Spain

Mila Moo first appeared on a Facebook post back in February 2016. The pitiful photo, taken in Spain, showed the horrific injuries she'd sustained; a blow to her head from a sharp tool by non-other than her hunter owner.  Her story touched the hearts of thousands of people that night. And from that day, many people, including us, followed her story. Many thought she would never survive such trauma but Kerry Lawrence of Greyhound Protection UK & Candy’s Hound Rescue International offered a foster placement here in the UK if she survived.

Over in Spain,  Mila (Milagros ~ Spanish for Miracle) became an internet hero overnight as the 8-month-old pup battled for her life. She showed true grit, and with youth on her side, together with excellent care from the vets and aftercare by Maria Bradford she recovered.

Mila Moo - 2021 SuperDog Survivor Award Winner
My champion, Mila Moo

From then on Mila went from strength to strength. She bagged herself a ride over to the UK and we adopted her on April 15th. We continued to share her story on social media and her delightful character and funny, cheeky antics won over even more hearts!

I really do want to give a special thank you to Maria Bradford from A New Day Spain in Andalusia, Spain. She saved Mila Moo’s life, nursed her back to health and arranged for her passage over to the UK.  Mila Moo travelled by special dog transport with several other dogs; it took them 3 days!

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She then went into foster care with Jenna Harris in Solihull, under the care of Greyhound Protection UK/Candy’s Hound Rescue International, both charities run by the wonderful Kerry Lawrence!

Mila Moo and me
Mila Moo and me

The horrific treatment that Mila Moo experienced is sadly not a one-off. In Spain, thousands upon thousands of Galgos, Podencos and many other dog breeds are used for hunting and are discarded at the end of the hunting season. Some are afforded a release to a perrara (dog pound) or given refuge. Unfortunately, most have brutal death inflicted on them by their Galguero (hunter) owners whom they have loyally served for the season. And Mila Moo is one of the lucky ones, although she was horrifically injured, she survived against all odds, most others do not.

Mila Moo on the lawn
My Mila Moo

On a happier note, Mila Moo loves to help fundraise for our local East Midlands Dog Rescue run by Sandy McCluskey & Lynne Simpson. Another charity which is dear to my heart.

We have 5 rescue dogs. Two of our dogs are from East Midlands Dog Rescue: Blissy, aged 14 and Jetty Spaghetti, aged 6. We also have Shadow & Maggie May,  our 2 ex-racing greyhounds. Shadow is 11 years old and Maggie May is 6. The five dogs are a happy pack together with us!

Mila Moo happy on the beach
Mila Moo and friends

At the time Mila Moo first arrived we only had Shadow & Blissy, Mila was only 10 months old and was a little wildling! Just a puppy, she was such a quick learner & with the help of Shadow & Blissy she soon settled in. She did eat through 3 TV remotes, some pictures & many other items! 

Mila Moo loves her food & going on walks with her friends, Scout & Tracey Ison being one of them. Mila met Scouty soon after arriving and they became instant friends! They attend fun dog shows & fundraisers together. Along with our other friends. Scout and Tracey holiday with us in Sea Palling, Norfolk. We are ten adults, two babies & fourteen dogs! We stay in three cottages with interlinked gardens & in 2022 we will return to celebrate our dear friend Jo’s “Big Birthday” (60 but don’t tell her I told you that). 

Scout, Mila Moo's best friend- a finalist for SuperDog Awards
Scout, Mila Moo's best friend and finalist for a SuperDog Award

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Mila Moo & Scout also attend Crufts together. They visited in 2019 & 2020, showing that blind dogs & rescue dogs make amazing pets!

Mila is very good with Scouty and he just does everything a sighthound can do. As he was born partially sighted, he knows no different and lives his life through his nose & ears. He really is absolutely incredible! We share so many adventures together, having many a laugh every time we go out together!

Sharing my life with Mila Moo is just amazing, she really is so very funny, loving & very cheeky! We have had so many experiences together. She has a big following on social media and she is always by my side, through good times and bad!

Mila Moo at agility training
Mila Moo loves her agility training

When she arrived on the 15th of April 2016, my life completely changed and we've not looked back! She and my other rescue dogs are my absolute world. My husband Darrin and I feel blessed to have five amazing dogs to share our life with.

I think Mila Moo winning this prestigious award will show people that rescue dogs are incredible and that Spanish Galgos make brilliant pets despite any challenges they may go through. Hopefully, this will encourage people to take a chance on a rescue dog. They truly are amazing and Mila Moo proves just how strong, brave and resilient our wonderful canines really are!

Mila Moo and mom
Love is...Mila Moo and me

The SuperDog Awards are an annual event and I’d encourage anyone to enter their dogs. To have recognition for the extraordinary impact our dogs have on our lives is the most humbling, wonderful feeling ever. The fact that other people see what you see in your amazing canines is the best! Go for it!

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