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National Look Alike Day - Do You Look Like Your Pooch?

It’s National Look Alike Day, folks!  Yes, a special day when you ask yourself which famous person you look like and then give yourself three cheers and a good pat on the back.  


So we thought we would put a Pug’s tail twist on things and look into how we humans can look like our dogs.  Whether it’s in the smile, the shape of the face, the colouring, the grooming, or a distinctive look in the eye, we’ve all had that moment in the park when we fall over our feet, having just spotted an owner and their dog pull off the doppelgänger effect.  


women looks like her sausage dog


Intrigued by this weird phenomenon, we turned to science for answers . Turns out, a Japanese research scientist did a study in 2009 to see if the concept of humans tending to look like their dogs could be proved.  Sadahiko Nakajima asked students to pair up pictures of the correct owner and dog.  A head and shoulders photograph of a pedigree with their owner was taken against the same white background, each subject looking directly into the camera. A page of the owner and their dog alongside one another and a 2nd page of a random person with the same dog was given to the students.  80% of the time the students chose the correct pair. 


experiment woman and her dog


A few years later in 2013,  500 students at Kwansei Gakuin University were asked to choose the owner/dog match. This time certain facial features were blocked out, sometimes the mouths or sometimes the eyes.  When the eyes were blacked out the students results were 50% correct, the same result as if the choice had been left up to random selection.  When only the eyes were given to choose from the percentage of correct matches shot back up to 80%.  So Nakajima concluded that it is in the eyes where the similarity of dogs to their owners sits, not in the grooming, colouring, size or weight of the dogs or owners, but in the windows to the soul.  


experiment people look like their dogs


Whatever the science, we’d love to see look-alike pics of you and your pooch so post a picture of you and your canine twin on DogLife360 social media channels and stand a chance of winning two tickets to a Big Dog Walk event of your choice.


Women and her dog the same energy


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Enjoy National Look Alike Day!