Nominations for the Naturo SuperDog Awards Are Open!
Show your support for the 2021 SuperDog Award Winners
Show your support for the 2021 SuperDog Awards Finalists

Nominations for the 2021 Naturo SuperDog Awards Are Open!

We're super excited to announce the launch of the Naturo SuperDog Awards and extremely proud to be a media partner in this new annual awards scheme recognising and celebrating the nation's exceptional dogs. 


There is no better way to express your appreciation and respect for an extraordinary dog or team of humans making a difference through dogs than nominating them for a Naturo SuperDog Award.  Check out the categories below and submit your nominations today. 


Category #1 SuperDog

The ultimate award for a heroic dog. One who has shown exceptional bravery in an extraordinary situation.  


Category #2 Survivor

A dog who has demonstrated resilience, gone through trauma and fought its way back. 


Category #3 Worker

For dogs with jobs. A dog who has gone above and beyond in their working role.  



guide dog


Category #4 Campaigner

A dog and/or individual campaigning to improve the lives of dogs. This can be a person or a dog personality.  


Category #5 Carer

For a dog showing extraordinary dedication and selflessness to improve human lives. 



A woman and a dog sit side by side nose to nose


Category#6 Companion

A dog that has changed the life of the person they live with. 


Category #7 Team

For a group, organisation or charity working to improve dog's lives. 



The Naturo SuperDog Awards is a UK-based annual awards scheme recognizing exceptional dogs and dog loving humans working to change lives.  Finalists will be VIP guests at a star-studded Awards Ceremony in London on November 9th. 


Meanwhile, don't miss out on some much-needed fun days out with your pooch. Get tickets or find out more about the  Big Dog Walk Series 2021 kicking off this May.