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Two dogs wearing Pawfit Pet Trackers playing in the water on the beach

The Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker Gets A Thumbs Up From DogLife360

Being a lover of all things tech, this little device was something I was very excited about trying out on Rufus.  Our lives are filled with clever and convenient bits of kit to organise us to within an inch of our lives, so one made especially for my pooch sounded right up my street.

Pawfit 2 is described as “the smart pet location and activity tracking system”. It comes in a compact and stylish box which when opened gives off “apple” vibes with its satisfying swoosh as you lift the lid and all the little bits are perfectly stored in the most efficient way.

the pawfit 2

The device itself is a quality, lightweight cube just slightly bigger than an apple i-watch. In the box, you will also find a collar attachment, quick start guide, charger dock, collar retainer, and USB cable.

Set up is a breeze.  A very simple process sees you synching the device with an app which you need to download on your phone and get located via a QR code on the back.  The app itself has a well-organised and familiar layout that needs very little explanation and is appealing to the eye.

The box also includes a collar attachment which is also very efficiently designed to loop around your dog’s existing collar and securely fits the Pawfit into the cradle with a reassuring twist and click. My medium-sized dog, Rufus wasn’t bothered by it at all once attached.

The app found our location immediately and showed that Rufus was safely in our home. Additional tabs show me how to keep my dog in shape. It can count how many steps Rufus was taking, how many hours he had rested, how many hours he had been active, how many calories he had burned and the distance he had travelled, all of which would be very useful if you had a dog that was carrying a little extra weight or just, in general, to keep your companion in great shape for their age, weight, and breed.

rufus is running

My favourite part of the device was the tracking option.  It shows me how to keep my dog safe and how to find my dog.  It not only gives real-time data on exactly where your dog is at any time, but it also tracks his movements so you can see where he has been.  Living tracking mode updates your pet’s location every 5 seconds within a 10-minute time frame. You can also set a virtual security fence which means an alarm will raise if your pet exits a specified safe area. Perfect for pooches prone to the occasional dash for freedom.

The super high-tech Audio ID tag uses the latest text-to-speech technology allowing you to play a recorded message and relay your details to anyone who finds your dog if lost at the touch of a button.

A few extra little details which prove the makers have really thought of everything include an abnormal temperature warning and anti dismantling alarm. It is also, of course, fully waterproof too.

rufus in the waves

To cover the cost of the high spec tech there is a small monthly fee but I feel this is justified due to the high-quality nature of the PawFit and the numerous safety benefits it gives you.

I noticed it can also help to stop my dog from being stolen. If your four-legged friend has moments of madness rocketing off after a squirrel in the middle of a stroll like mine does, the Pawfit 2 would give complete peace of mind as you would be able to track his exact movements. It reassured me knowing that if anyone tried to pinch my pet, you would have valuable time to get to him before they could get away.

rufus up a tree

Overall, Doglife360 heartily recommends this tracker thanks to its high-quality design, easy set-up, numerous extra features and accurate tracking ability.  Well done Pawfit! The perfect bit of tech kit for your pooch!

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