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DogFest 2022
DogFest 2022

Scout The Blind Lurcher - A Lifesaving Friendship

Scout is an extraordinary dog, much-loved and admired by his many fans and followers on social media. By public vote, he is now a finalist for the prestigious Naturo SuperDog Awards which recognises exceptional dogs and his devoted pawrent, Tracey Ison, is proud as punch!  

Scout the blind Lurcher healed a heart

Tracey admits she didn’t know how much she needed Scout in her life until he crash-landed into it and changed it for the better. She's convinced that Scout, the blind Lurcher is the one that rescued her - not the other way around.

Scout the blind Lurcher
Scout rescues Tracey

Tracey's heart broke when she lost her beloved Whippet

Tragically, whilst out for a walk, Tracey's beloved Whippet died in her arms after an incident with another dog. She was devastated and suffered from terrible guilt that she couldn’t save her beautiful girl. After that Tracey went into a spiral of anxiety and depression. Later two gorgeous new dogs named Izzy and Misty became part of the family, but Tracey was fearful of walking them.

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Scout saved from the streets

Scout the blind Lurcher and his two new greyhound brothers and proud Tracey
Tracey- proud mum to her two greyhounds, and new arrival - Scout

The Ison family weren’t looking for another dog when they heard about a blind Lurcher puppy. Scout had been picked up on the streets by East Midlands Dog Rescue and narrowly escaped death in the pound. 

Scout - love at first sight 

The day Tracey and her husband first met Scout, they knew right away that they would be coming home with him. He would never feel alone again.

Scout the blind Lurcher - love at first sight - looking pensive

Because of his blindness, they needed to make a decision about how best to care for Scout. They could either wrap him up in cotton wool or give him the opportunity to live a full and normal life. They opted for the latter and they've been amazed by Scout's tenacity and his zest for life.

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Scout gets Tracey out walking

From the outset, Tracey realised she would have to conquer her fear of walking outside. She was going to be Scout’s eyes, and he needed her to be confident to keep him safe. "I knew I had to do this for Scout and that’s what I did. Walking Scout gave me confidence and the courage to face the world."

Scout on a lead
Scout ready for walkies

Scout excels at dog school

Scout has exceeded every expectation, passing his puppy classes with flying colours and achieving his Bronze Good Citizen award. He has climbed mountains, paddled in the sea,  and run and played on sandy beaches with his pals. He has also enabled Tracey to do things she would never have dreamt of.

Scout scoops up the rewards - here with rosette's
Scout winning awards

Scout the fundraiser and carer dog

Scout and Tracey became a great fundraising team for East Midlands Dog Rescue and they have attended many events together. He is also a much-loved Therapy dog and has also become the adopted mascot of a local Carers Cafe, which is part of a program to help reduce the number of antidepressants being prescribed. 

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East Midlands Dog Rescue Club
Scout volunteers for East Midlands Dog Rescue

Scout gave Tracey the power to realize her dreams

Scout has opened so many doors for Tracey.  Even allowing her to pursue a life-long ambition of becoming a published author.  She now has three books to her name,  two of which feature Scout.

the dust covers of Tracey's books

Scout made lockdown manageable

Lockdown was tough for Tracey, but Scout helped to get her out of the house on their loved daily walks.  They discovered new routes and enjoyed the sounds of nature and Tracey claimes that Scout's daily routine gave the structure she needed to stay sane in lockdown.

Tracey and her two greyhounds and scout

Best friend bounces back from health issues

Scout has battled with health issues over the past few years and he underwent major surgery to remove a potentially life-limiting tumour on his flank.  But in true Scout style, he has bounced back.

Tracey and Scout, best friends
A match made in heaven

Scout and Tracey are an inspiring duo, each other's rock and best friends.

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Tracey and Scout are now counting down to the evening of the 9th of November in London where the winners of each of the seven categories will be presented with their SuperDog Awards. Ahead of the panel of dog-loving celebrity judges making their final decision, please visit Scout's SuperDog profile page and leave a message of support. He surely deserves recognition for being an exceptional dog.

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