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Should I Take My Dog On Holiday?

Why Take Your Dog On Holiday?


Dog friendly staycations are booming, but you may be considering whether or not a holiday is right for you and your pooch. 


Perhaps you’ve hesitated because it seems like a stressful idea. Maybe you've never gone on holidays before with fear of leaving your pooch behind. Or the case may be that you are concerned about how your dog will behave in certain situations.


While you ponder whether or not the dog will join you on your next holiday, we’ve pulled together five reasons to help you with your decision.


Dogs Have Feelings Too 


Did you know, dogs have very similar feelings to humans? Those feelings include boredom, anxiety and loneliness. Dogs can even get affected by the stresses of daily life. While they don’t have bills to pay or COVID-19 to be concerned about - they feed off our feelings. When we’re stressed, that stress affects them too. However, when we’re relaxed and happy - our dogs also feel that happiness. So not only will a dog friendly holiday reduce stress for us, but our dogs too.  


Not only that, but they thrive while exploring new places and meeting new people. A dog friendly holiday is the perfect way to introduce them to a whole new heap of sights, smells and socialising opportunities. Did we mention they’re great company? They’re always up for fun and don’t spend hours on their phone.


Creating That Special Bond 


Going on a holiday without the dog never feels quite right. We spend most of the time missing them terribly, and one in ten of us Facetime the dog to see how they are. So why are we forcing ourselves to be apart? Especially when we already have limited time with them due to having such a short life-span. 


Our busy lives can sometimes compromise the love and attention your pooch deserves. When you go on holiday together, your pooch gets valuable time which will help to improve that special bond. Holidays will always create fond memories, but those memories will be cherished even more when your dog is a part of them too.



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Active Holidays


We know your dog loves the park they visit daily, but visiting somewhere new is even more exciting and incredibly enriching. Going on a dog friendly holiday will encourage you to look past the local park, for scenic dog walks that encapsulate the essence of your destination.


We’re more active when we’re on holidays, which means our canine companions will be too. They’ll love exploring dreamy woodlands, golden beaches, magnificent mountains or dog friendly attractions. When we’re at home, they spend the most part being cooped up in home. A holiday is a good time for them to get plenty of exercise and fun with the ones they love the most.


Staycations Are Booming! 


Dog-friendly staycations are becoming more and more popular every year. Many property owners are now seeing the benefit of accepting dogs, and some go as far as creating special welcome packs to make you both feel at home. There’s something for everyone, from treehouse cabins to cosy cottages and luxury hotels. No need to worry about the number of dogs you have, you can find something for three, four, five or nine dogs - yes we said nine. 


Save Money


Taking your dog to the kennels or home-boarding can fill you with so much more guilt, stress and worry. It also comes with a cracking price tag. Take them with you and not only will you save money, but you’ll feel more relaxed knowing they’re with you. Put that money towards better accommodation, or a nice slap-up pub lunch!



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Tips For A Good Trip 

  • Preparation is key. Choose a location that is suitable for both of your needs and do some research on the best dog-friendly destinations. Seaside resorts are perfect for long stretches of sand and dog-friendly cafes, while places like Brecon and the Cotswolds are better for dreamy, landscape walks. 
  • Travelling can cause stress to your dog, so make sure you pack their creature comforts. Pick quieter travel times and avoid traffic.
  • Make sure your dog has had a big run around before getting in the car. Don’t forget regular stops on the way to stretch their legs and have a quick wee on a tree. 
  • Remember, your dog must be microchipped and have a dog tag with up-to-date details. ​​​​​​​
  • Always jot down the nearest vet in case of an emergency. 


So should you take your dog on a dog-friendly holiday? We certainly think so! Our friends at Dog Furiendly have created a great tool for planning your trip together. You can search for nearby places, read up on destination guides and leave reviews to help other dog owners. Check out the options for places to stay and book your Big Dog Walk  tickets - there are events  happening across the UK this summer.