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Support Jasmine's Law For UK Tenants To Keep Dogs

Dogs have a huge impact on our mental health and well-being but a huge part of the population is not able to benefit from the love of a furry friend.  If you live in rented accommodation chances are you were denied the opportunity of living with a pet.  But now there is hope for change and support for Jasmine’s Law means that all responsible pet owners may soon be allowed a pet.

Can I have pets in my rental accommodation? 

Any pet owner wishing to rent in the UK is faced with the almost impossible task of finding suitable accommodation. A blanket “no pets” ban was imposed by landlords and remains the law of the land. 

Cruelty to dog owners in council housing

A homeless man sleeps on a bench and his dog sits beneath it next to a sign reading "Homeless Anything Helps Thank You"

People looking for council housing have been forced to choose between their pets and homelessness.

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1. Pet owners face being homeless

If someone turned down the rental accommodation that social housing had found for them on the grounds of the no-pet clause and wanting to keep their dog, the housing people were not obliged to continue to look for more suitable accommodation instead, the person would face homeless. 

2. Only assistance dogs are taken into consideration

Only official assistance dogs were considered.  If a person felt that their dog was an assistance dog they would not be able to prove this unless the dog had a Yellow Passport.  This is the status for assistance dogs.  These passports are only given to dogs that have been professionally trained by certain organisations.  Someone can’t claim that their dog is an assistance dog, even if the dog has become one for them.  


3. Choosing between having a home or keeping your pet

This situation left many people with the heart-wrenching decision of having to choose between accepting the tenancy or keeping their pet.  Only 7% of private landlords allow for pets.

Gabby Kuehn and her dog support for Jasmine's Law

In 2017 Gabby Kuehn was heartbroken when she had to move to an accommodation with a no-pet ban or be forced to abandon her beloved family dog. She gained national support when she took the decision to court but sadly lost her case and had to re-home her faithful friend.  Gabby has never given up on her mission to get the law changed and set up PAAW House to campaign for positive pet policies. Her ongoing efforts as a campaigner have been recognized with her recent nomination for a Naturo SuperDog Award.

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Can I be evicted for having pets?

If your contract says that you may not have a pet and you choose to ignore this, your landlord can take legal action and you will be asked by the courts to find another home for your dog or to leave the rental property. 

Smiling Jordan Adams with his dog promoting support for Jasmine's Law
Jordan Adams and Jasmine

This was the case for Jordan Adams and his Weimaraner Jasmine, another SuperDog nominee recognized for inspiring change.  Although Jordan lives close to parks and his flat would be suitable for a pet, he was not allowed to care for his beloved dog even for a brief period while his folks were away. 

Jordan reached out to his MP, Andrew Rosindell, for help and Rosindel took up the cause launching the campaign for #aPetInEveryHome and sponsoring a popular bill for new legislation that has been dubbed Jasmine’s Law. 

Lobbying for support for Jasmine's Law, he told the House of Commons that dogs are more than Man’s Best Friend, they are members of the family, and separation from them can be devastating for owners and dogs alike.   He argued that the debilitating effects of loneliness can be combated by a close bond with an animal and that too many people have suffered the loneliness of lockdown which could have been avoided if the discriminatory “no-pet” clause was dropped.


Smiling MP Andrew Rosindell holds a Beagle to promote support for Jasmine's Law
MP Andrew Rosindell has been nominated for a Naturo SuperDog Award for his #APetInEveryHome Campaign and his commitment to changing the law.

What is Jasmine’s Law?

Rosindell’s bill would shift the balance of decision-making power slightly more toward tenants while still ensuring strong measures to protect landlords.

1. Certificates for Responsible Animal Guardianship for prospective tenants with pets.

To receive a Certificate of Responsible Animal Guardianship, a dog owner would have to demonstrate that the animal is microchipped, vaccinated, and able to respond to basic training commands. 

2. Certificates of Exemption for landlords.

The Certificates of Exemption for landlords would apply only for religious and health reasons.  This would make it impossible for landlords to automatically get an Exemption Certificate. 

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Support for Jasmine's Law means new guidelines for landlords

On 28 January 2021, the government announced changes to the no-pet clause in the Model Tenancy Agreement.  This is just a guideline, not a law, and it states that  ‘well-behaved’ pets are accepted as long as tenants ensure that their dog will not cause undue damage to the property nor be a nuisance to the neighbours. 

Can landlords stop you from having pets? 

Yes, currently your landlord can still stop you from having a pet, but the impact of the campaign to allow a #apetineveryhome and support for Jasmine’s Law is being felt and we can hope for change.

Has the no-pet ban been lifted? 

The Model Tenancy Agreement is just a template. It is not legally binding” explains Rosindell.  “This is a significant step,” said Rosindell.  “As the housing minister made clear in his statement, blanket bans on pets are ‘unfair’ and these changes are clear indications that the Government recognises the extent of the problem.  So for now, landlords can implement their own, preceding, Tenancy Agreement, ruling out pets in their rental.

How can I get my landlord to allow my pets?

If you wish to have a pet in your rental you can submit a written request and landlords.  If Jasmine’s Law passes it will mean that landlords will have to provide a good reason to the contrary otherwise, the law will default to favour the tenant. 

Support for Jasmine's Law is needed now more than ever

So the battle for a pet in every home is not entirely won, and we hope you will consider signing the petition for Jasmine’s Law below so that these agreements become law of the land.

Support for Jasmine’s Law includes animal rights and animal welfare organisations across the UK, including the RSPCA and the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and dog lovers across the country are joining the campaign for #APetInEveryHome. 

The campaign to pass Jasmine’s Law is more important than ever. DogLife360 supports Jasmine's Law and we hope you will too.


Uk citizens call on the government to introduce legislation that bans no-pet clauses in tenancy agreements, protecting existing human-companion animal relationships, as is common in many countries. Every pet has the right to a loving home.


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