Utility Dogs | DogLife360

If you’ve ever heard the term Utility Dog used to describe a breed and wondered what it meant, then you are not alone.  The phrase is a Kennel Club classification which is generally used to cover dogs who do not fit into any other categorisation.

Utility Dogs are the most diverse selection of dogs out of all the groups. The dogs featured in this group were all bred for a specific purpose, but unlike some of the other groups, their jobs were not sporting or working related.

As this group is so diverse, it’s often difficult to easily identify breeds that belong in the group. Other canine groups are a little more obvious and their breeds much more simple to identify.  However, some of the breeds listed in this group are the oldest documented breeds of dog in the world.

For many breeds in this group, their original purpose is no longer needed, so they now serve a completely different purpose. The group includes breeds as diverse as the Dalmatian, Poodles (originally retrievers) and the Shih Tzu (originally indoor pets to the Chinese ruling class families).

Utility Dogs are not all similar sizes. The size difference varies quite a bit in this group, including smaller dogs like the Shih Tzu, and much bigger breeds like Dalmatians.

There are no set traits amongst Utility Dogs. Exercise, grooming and training requirements vary greatly. The Poodle is a smart, active breed that does well in the canine sports, but you wouldn't catch a Bulldog doing flyball!   You will certainly find the right size breed of dog from within this varied bunch!

When choosing a Utility Dog to join your family, do your research into key areas including size, health, exercise needs, temperament and grooming requirements to ensure the perfect match for you.