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Toys are typically small dogs that represent miniature dogs of different larger dog breeds.  Known as small companion or “lapdogs”.  Many Toy breeds were bred for this capacity, although some are in this category simply due to their size.

They are a good choice for first-time pet owners, as they shed less, eat less, and despite their big personalities, are much easier to handle than larger dogs.  They not only prove to be great family pets but also great companions for seniors and empty nesters who are able to focus their full attention on their pet

Owing to their size, they tend to need less exercise than larger breeds, but some can be finicky eaters!

Most of them have friendly personalities and love attention. They enjoy the company of their human friends and can be found rarely more than a few steps away from the ones they love.

They are very wise dogs and quick learners – making the best of choice for the first time dog owners and small families.  However, breeds in this group can be a handful to train, though often poor behaviour has more to do with the owner than the dog. It is hard to be firm with a pet that can melt a heart with a few bats of the eyes!

However, with consistent training owners can avoid the yapping, nipping, and other behavioural issues that are so common among small dogs.

Toy breeds are often fearful. That is because owners tend to over-protect their pets from the world around them.  They are small and can be prone to injury, but owners should nevertheless let their little friends explore the world on their own in order to become more comfortable with the people, animals and noises they encounter each day.



Pugs are small companion dogs who know exactly how to charm you into giving up more treats.