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This breed was originally bred to be hunting companions to find, flush out and fetch game for their owners.  There are three main types: retrievers, setters and flushing dogs. e.g. Setters would search for birds, freezing when a bird was found, Spaniels would flush out the birds and Retrievers retrieved the game.


Gundogs are keen to follow scent trails, enjoy seeking out objects hidden around the house and are fond of holding and carrying soft toys, which they’ll often proudly present to you or your visitors.


Gundog training sessions can be enjoyable since Gundogs are characteristically bright, reactive animals and this means they’re among the easiest dogs to teach.


Gundogs have been bred to work all day outside in all types of weather, so they have boundless energy and love spending time in the great outdoors. Even the coldest, wettest weather won’t deter them from a good run around a field. If they spot water, they’ll no doubt try to have a paddle, so carry a dog towel on walks near lakes, ponds and even puddles!


Gundogs need active owners. As well as physical challenges, they need lots of mental stimulation and thrive on human companionship.  They love variety, so exercise should include on-lead walking in towns and along footpaths, plus plenty of free-running and exploration in safe areas – this is why training is important.


They are very social and they love playing with their human family and other friendly dogs, but they’re also quite content amusing themselves (especially if chew toys are involved) and will happily spend hours investigating smells in the garden.


Another great love of Gundogs is their food, so be mindful of their scavenging nature when it comes to leaving edible items out, or where you keep your bins.


These dogs are bright, happy and responsive dogs that can usually be easily-trained and make fantastic family pets.




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