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Grab This Opportunity To Socialise Your Puppy And Enjoy A Fun Day Out!


The doggie professionals advise that puppy socialisation walks are necessary, especially in their first 4 months of life.  In this early period, your puppy's desire to be social outweighs their fear, but it's good to know that it's never too late to expose your puppy to new friends and environments. 


Many of us who have introduced new puppies to our families over the last year, have missed out on puppy groups and socialising. So, attending a Big Dog Walk event is a perfect opportunity to ease our little ones into a group activity and socialise them with furry friends of a similar age and size.


The ever-popular Big Dog Walk Series kicked off in May to rave reviews with many grabbing the opportunity to staycation for a weekend planned around the Sunday event. 


The first walk of the day is for our puppy parents and its designed especially for those with little legs. It's a fabulous opportunity to introduce your new addition to other dogs and socialise them in a safe, organised way.  Of course, if your puppy has an older sibling, they are welcome to join the fun. 


We love connecting with fellow puppy parents and chatting about the joy (and mischief!) our cheeky new family members bring to our lives .  Just one note - Its really important that every puppy is completely vaccinated at the time of attending the walk so that every precious pooch stays safe and healthy.



Join the fun and give your pup the chance to make some new friends!






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