Best Treat Dispenser Machine For Dogs
DogFest 2022
DogFest 2022

We Found The Best Treat Training Machine For Dogs!

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It seems you can find remote-controlled everything these days but who would have thought of a remote-controlled dog treating machine! Well, this is the new training device on the block and we at DogLife360 are wagging our tails, We think it works a treat!


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PetSafe - Best Treat Dispenser for Dogs 

The Pet Safe treat and train remote reward dog trainer iconis a treat dispensing machine and it's as clever as it sounds. With just a click of a button, the sturdy treat dispenser will sound a low beep and pop out a reward for your pooch immediately.

The speed and sound recognition tie together perfectly to allow your dog to quickly learn that when the beep sounds, it's his cue to get his treat, even if it means heading off in whichever direction the dispenser is located. 


Jack Russel and the PetSafe machine

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A handy wand is also provided turning this treat and train device into a remote dispenser. And an invaluable dvd and book feature lots of easy and effective training games you can play with your dog. 

You'll also be needing some treats for when you're putting pooch and your new treat training machine through their paces.  Snap up a bag of delicious doggie Pets At Home treaty bites - chicken and lamb tasty treats

treaty lamb and chicken

The Treat Training Machine is especially useful at re-directing attention when the doorbell goes, something which my dog takes huge pleasure in turning into a calamitous occasion with much barking, jumping and ensuing shrieking. 

It also allows for you to fully concentrate on your hand cues rather than worrying about holding treats or digging around to find them and then losing the moment to reinforce exactly which part of the training they are being rewarded for. 

Overall, we would call this an ingenious little piece of kit, and anything that can help us raise beautifully mannered pups is a win in our minds! The treat and train dispenser will have you beaming with pride at your pup's new learned behaviour. 


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